European Union ready for Brexit negotiations, says Merkel

May's authority over her party was shattered by the election result. That's what people voted for last June. Both thought victory was assured and both were punished for their hubris. She kept her base - and lost everyone else.

"Maybe, this is a chance that we can come up to a more reasonable Brexit negotiations because in the last time (recently) I really had the feeling that everything was just being very tough and it doesn't make sense to be tough". However, the Tories will now hold fewer seats. In 2015, the Conservatives won a surprise 12-seat majority on 36.9% of the vote as Labour were all but wiped out in Scotland by the SNP.

The likelihood of a government collapse is considerable, and the risks are high.

The day after the British elections, showed considerably more interest in a candidate who ran dressed as a "space lord" than in the leader of the Labour Party. Only a short while ago, union boss Len McClusky was saying that 200 seats would be a good result.

MOCKING MAY A television presenter stands outside 10 Downing Street in London on Saturday holding a copy of The Daily Mirror newspaper with the headline "Coalition of Crackpots" the day after the general election resulted in a hung parliament and British Prime Minister Theresa May forming a minority government. But in Britain, as in America, it is being filtered through the existing two-party system - though the U.K.'s smaller parties do complicate the electoral map.

That did not help May, who in her previous role as interior minister for six years had overseen cuts in the number of police officers. The Conservatives are an unforgiving bunch. How he would steer Britain through Brexit negotiations has not been explained in detail. The fact of Brexit doesn't change with this election, but the shape of it nearly certainly does. That was in part because votes that had previously gone to the anti-EU UKIP party were splitting evenly between the two major parties instead of going overwhelmingly to the Conservatives as pundits had expected. Some Brexit advocates want the reject terms offered by the EU and possibly leave the union without an agreement. With a weakened Conservative government, that may be optimistic.

While debates will no doubt rage over the coming days and weeks about what went wrong for who and where, there can be little doubt that the future of politics is online - including, possibly, the democratic process itself. May simply fought a negative campaign. Like there's potential for rebelling in the ranks of the Tories, so it can be with Labour.

"This is a serious moment for the United Kingdom economy", said Carolyn Fairbairn, the head of Britain's biggest business lobby, the CBI. Voters don't like being bullied. Please remember that respectful communication is the most effective. They find Corbyn's promises of stimulus and spending on services attractive; "nationalization" isn't such a dirty word to them. But even that arrangement seemed shaky. Like a fading brick-and-mortar retailer, they banked on loyalty that no longer exists. She added later that she would "reflect on the results" and figure out what went wrong.

Second, a weakened Conservative Party will need more foreign friends, and that includes US companies.

There's irony in how May got here.

European Union leaders expressed fears that May's shock loss of her majority would delay the Brexit talks, due to begin on June 19, and so raise the risk of negotiations failing. When his gamble failed, May inherited Brexit and the party, with its simmering divisions. "Well the mandate she's got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence". "She can't continue [longer term] because her credibility is shot, not just at home but overseas. she can't continue with a minority govt, she can't deliver Brexit".

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