Marc Maron On How 'GLOW' Helped Him Learn To Appreciate Pro Wrestling

Marc Maron On How 'GLOW' Helped Him Learn To Appreciate Pro Wrestling”

After a beat, he adds, "And guys?" They are women, and they are proud to be women. Washed-up director Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron) is casting for an all-female wrestling series, to be titled "GLOW", for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. "I think that in terms of GLOW, the gender politics and the sexual politics are tricky because it's both incredibly empowering and it's [also] an exploitation of these women". It's also a glorious ode to '80s excess, complete with a cocaine-serving robot butler and some cheeky Meatballs-style nude scenes. To us, they've been consigned to the dark underside of an eat 'em up, spit 'em out industry.

Hollywood: Jeanne Basone appeared in the first four seasons of GLOW under the name Hollywood. It's part behind-the-scenes theater story, part gripping female ensemble, part gleefully subversive comedy. The rule was I had to go to college first and graduate, and I couldn't go to a conservatory.

"We never got hurt wrestling", Brie admitted. With Alison Brie as lead, the show looks like a breakout hit. Being an actor, you always have to think about being in the male gaze. Then, as the series progressed, the power dynamic with these types of exploitive shots began to seesaw.

Overall, "GLOW" is an easy watch, even if it's a bit slow in its first five episodes.

The brainchild of David McLane, the goal of G.L.O.W. was to cast attractive women who were rank amateurs in the wrestling game and train them for six weeks before putting them on television.

Continue on as the GLOW gals discuss the face and the heel, and more about the world of wrestling and how it relates to their characters.

The actress has had to contend with that in her real life as well. Brie is excellent, but the show's a true ensemble, and the creators make time for character development for nearly the entire wrestling troupe.

Ruth is introduced as our primary protagonist. She's sort of an underdog villain. That's the acting world, but also the world as a whole. Anyone who remembers Unikitty from The Lego Movie knows Brie's well-suited for a role that lets her kick some ass. My favourites are Britt Baron, who plays Justine, and Betty Gilpin, who plays Debbie, but I won't tell you why. It was rumoured that Riklis allegedly had affairs with some of the wrestlers and his wife threatened to divorce him unless he stopped hosting GLOW shows at the venue. Their pitch was a notably brief email: "Do you want to work on a show with us about women wrestling in the '80s?" And so as the ladies are given their wrestling alter egos and the sexist and racist ideas fly flippantly from the mouths of Sam, Sebastian, and the other white execs without any thought, the women don't take their assignments on blindly. And then, throughout shooting, we worked our way to bigger, more complicated stunts. They include Cherry Bang (Sydelle Noel), who has past ties with Sam, and Sheila the She Wolf (Gayle Rankin), who has a keen sense of smell. "She's got a little fire lit underneath her". That's the other joke, which is mostly on her: There's nothing much to explore. It touches upon such issues racial politics, Islamophobia, abortion, and our constant rivalry with Russian Federation.

It's an enjoyable confection about empowerment and the media, made more so by the fact that the real women of GLOW finally acquired the franchise, spurring a documentary and now this show. These fights - are as eternal as they are universal.

The tension that arises from clashing creative viewpoints (including the performers, all of whom have their own ideas about their characters and storylines) is more interesting than the interpersonal drama, especially a few overly soap-operatic elements.

They came up with 14 female characters. In the end, GLOW is a comedy about triumphing over the odds.

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