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US Rep. Jacky Rosen to run for Senate in key Nevada race

US Rep. Jacky Rosen to run for Senate in key Nevada race”

Jacky Rosen says she will seek the Democratic nomination to take on incumbent Republican Sen. The Associated Press is reporting that she confirmed it in an e-mail.

Democrats aiming to upset the GOP's Senate majority consider Heller's seat the most vulnerable.

Nevada Republicans are calling a first-term congresswoman self-serving and untrustworthy for moving quickly up the political ranks with her expected candidacy in the state's closely watched U.S. Senate race. The state voted for Democrats in the last three presidential elections and changing demographics are steadily increasing the party's advantages in statewide races. Rosen has opposed the effort.

"Reid cleared the field for Rosen in 2016 and has done so again", Greg Bailor, executive director of the state GOP, said in an emailed statement Tuesday.

Heller is up for reelection in the 2018 campaign year. Congressional analysts found that bill would kick about 23 million Americans off health insurance. Many political commentators have named the incumbent as the most vulnerable sitting Republican in the nation, and his possible support - or lack thereof - of a GOP-backed healthcare law may make that re-election bid more hard. Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin who announced that they didn't support the current iteration of the plan Thursday shortly after it was published. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton was a soldier, decorated after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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