From Public Protests to Internal Opposition: Will GOP Health Bill Survive?

Former President Barack Obama, whose signature legislation is the target of GOP repeal efforts, wrote in a lengthy Facebook post that the Republican plan "is not a health care bill".

McConnell is also under pressure from GOP centrists, creating a hard balancing act for the leader. "While we are still waiting for final numbers, every indication is that the plan unveiled by Senate Republicans will be even more devastating".

But Caroline Pearson, a senior vice president at the consulting firm Avalere Health, says the bill bases its tax credits on lower-quality insurance."If you're paying a similar percentage of income, you're getting a less generous product under this new plan", she says. Instead of the federal government allocating the funds, as is the case under Obamacare, the states would eventually accept that responsibility. In fact, a effect of the House-passed bill could mean some people losing private-paid insurance.

This is the bill with "heart" President Trump told senators he wanted? The deep cuts to Medicaid likely mean about 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance, including 4.5 million Californians. It's a very sophisticated laser, million dollar laser, yet the price is going down by three-quarters over 15 years.

Also, Dean Heller of Nevada, Rob Portman of OH and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia said they're concerned about the bill's cuts to Medicaid and drug addiction efforts.

The bill proposes phasing out Medicaid's expansion program and capping Medicaid spending, repealing Obamacare taxes and restructuring subsidies to insurance customers.

The tax credits would be tied to income - similar to the Affordable Care Act, but different from the House bill that would link the funding to a person's age.

Despite Republicans promising for seven years to repeal and replace Obamacare, including massive Medicaid expansion, Pye said that what the Republicans' bill would do instead is ensure that Medicaid recipients who are now covered under Obamacare - at taxpayers' expense - will retain "permanent" coverage. "She has met with and heard the concerns of many Mainers about their health care challenges, and she will continue to do so as she studies the impact of this legislation on ME and the nation".

An analysis of the bill by the Congressional Budget Office, highlighting its expected costs and effectiveness, is expected early next week.

According to a poll from the Kaiser Famidly Foundation, 55 percent of Americans say the Senate's bill is unfavorable, compared with 30 percent who say it is favorable.

ACA: Insurers required to cover essential health benefits, such as hospital visits and mental health care. That means people with pre-existing conditions in states that seek the flexibility - and you can bet Florida would be among the first in line - may find no coverage or coverage that is prohibitively expensive.

The Senate bill would also cut all taxes related to the Affordable Care Act, including mandates that everyone have health insurance and that employers with more than 50 workers provide health coverage for their workers.

Right now, some counties in Missouri, Ohio, Indiana and Washington will have zero health care options in the Obamacare markets next year.

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