Dozens of Iraqi Christians arrested in immigration roundup, face deportation

Dozens of Iraqi Christians arrested in immigration roundup, face deportation”

The ICE statement also said the sweep was the “result of recent negotiations between the USA and Iraq” for Iraq to accept “a number of Iraq nationals subject to orders of removals.”.

Gillian Christensen said the agency recently arrested a number of individuals, all of whom had criminal convictions for serious crimes.

Youngstown's mayor says he's looking into how many individuals will be held in the city and if they fit within the agreed upon level of detainee allowed at the corrections center.

Al-Hamza Al-Jamaly, the attache at the Iraqi Embassy in Washington said Iraqi diplomatic and consular missions would coordinate with USA authorities to issue travel documents for the deportees "that we can prove to be "Iraqi" based on our records and investigation".

"We understand that maybe there was a problem in the past, but there've been a lot of people moving forward", Fr. Kathawa told CNA.

"And now with them leaving, it's causing chaos within our community, within our families, within our Church", he added.

"Even those who oppose an expansion of America's refugee program because they see in the faces of bereaved mothers and starving children only potential terrorists or welfare recipients surely appreciate the fact that for those Iraqi Christians already living in this country, deportation is simply unfeasible", wrote Matthew Walther in an article for The Week.

She said she couldn't understand why so many people were up in arms about Trump's travel ban but are not incensed that the government may be sending Iraqi Christians "to their death" by deporting them to Iraq.

"It has also been reported that the individuals have criminal records".

"I do not understand how anyone could send a Christian to a genocide zone", he said. "They're good, upstanding citizens who have since been rehabilitated".

The Chaldean Catholic community in Detroit dates back to the early 20th century, and an apostolic exarchate was established in 1982.

Some of the Chaldeans came to the USA years ago and have unclear immigration status.

"He did something wrong 30 years ago".

Martin Manna, an Iraqi-American Christian advocate who is president of the Chaldean Community Foundation based in Sterling Heights, said he's getting information from family members of those arrested, many of who live in Macomb and Oakland counties.

The U.S. has an agreement with Iraq to accept its nationals back into the war-torn country.

Activists strategized Tuesday on how to fight the deportation of Chaldeans to Iraq - a country where Christians are under siege.

There are many questions the families have after the detrainments. "There was no such thing discussed, signed, or issued".

Trump has said more countries need to take back nationals ordered deported from the United States and has pledged to increase immigration enforcement.

While some reports of the arrests came out in recent days, it has not been reported that they were the result of negotiations between the two governments.

Christians in Africa. That Christians in Africa, in imitation of the Merciful Jesus, may give prophetic witness to reconciliation, justice, and peace.

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