Former NH GOP Senator Calls Trump North Korea Threat 'Crazy'

Former NH GOP Senator Calls Trump North Korea Threat 'Crazy'”

And he took his fire and fury line from earlier this week and then underlined it.

Charlie Flanagan said the language used by President Trump has been "unhelpful" and should be toned down.

"Maybe it wasn't tough enough", Trump said during a lengthy exchange with reporters. "They will be met with fire and fury. and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before". And Pyongyang will assume that the USA attack will be nuclear, since it would be even crazier to attack a nuclear-armed country such as North Korea using only conventional weapons.

LEE ZELDIN: Good morning.

Congress and the American public will hold President Trump responsible if a careless or ill-advised miscalculation results in conflict that endangers our servicemembers and regional allies. That would be Donald Trump - as he stated during his address this afternoon from his Jersey White House.

"President Trump this afternoon addressed the North Korean missile program and said if they continue to threaten the USA, they will be met with "fire and fury like the world has never seen"," Meyers continued. That came a day after China and Russian Federation joined with the United States in a unanimous U.N. Security Council vote approving the toughest economic sanctions yet against the increasingly isolated regime. And what's important for him to understand is that there would be severe consequences if he was to launch a nuclear warhead at the United States.

CORNISH: But, the president added, we have reduced payroll very substantially.

"She is alarmed by the policies and actions of Mr. Trump, and her top priority remains the safety of the American people". And that means for China - China doesn't want North Korea to become a nuclear weapons state.

But the threat escalated in a major way this week, amid reports that U.S. intelligence agencies assess that North Korea has the produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead.

Last week, the UN Security Council voted to impose new sanctions on North Korea, a decision that will raise pressure on the regime. It was a pretty big deal because it was a unanimous vote that included Russian Federation and China.

"My portfolio, my mission, my responsibility is to have military options should they be needed".

But he noted that if North Korea acted against the US first, Trump would not need Congress' go-ahead to hit back.

North Korea has developed the ability to conduct nuclear strikes against the U.S. and its allies, which has escalated the threat level to the U.S. For years, North Korea has threatened to turn the U.S. and its friends into seas of fire and flame, but North Korea has turned what was once just rhetoric into a risky reality. "Let's see what he does with Guam", Trump said in apparent reference to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "Because over the weekend the United Nations security council voted 15-0 to sanction North Korea". Listen, they threaten us in a way you never will. "You'll get us all killed", said Colbert. So hopefully they do, but it hasn't been a good track record thus far. Said Throckminion, "We can not allow hard-working American zombies and mutants to be displaced by low-skilled immigrant zombies and mutants who will depress wages based on our new currency system of cigarettes, water, antibiotics, and gender-neutral prostitutes". There's no real reason for them to go back. Thanks so much for your time this morning.

SEN. BEN CARDIN: Thank you, Judy.

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