First evidence of water found on TRAPPIST-1 planets, says new research

First evidence of water found on TRAPPIST-1 planets, says new research”

An global team of eminent astronomers were researching about the presence of water in the seven planets that orbit around the Trappist-1 through the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

Bourrier says the exoplanets in this planetary system are ripe for further study, principally because they are relatively close and therefore brighter than many other potentially habitable exoplanets.

In February, NASA announced the discovery of seven Earth- and Venus-sized planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1.

Last year, a group of scientists using the ESO's Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope, or TRAPPIST, found that a small, dim red dwarf star located about 39 light years away had three planets orbiting it. This is because the two receive the highest amount of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. "As in our own atmosphere, where ultraviolet sunlight breaks molecules apart, ultraviolet starlight can break water vapor in the atmospheres of exoplanets into hydrogen and oxygen".

While lower-energy ultraviolet radiation breaks up water molecules - a process called photodissociation - ultraviolet rays with more energy (XUV radiation) and X-rays heat the upper atmosphere of a planet, which allows the products of photodissociation, hydrogen and oxygen, to escape. And as per the results are shown by the Hubble telescope, the outer planets might contain some amount of water, and this indicates that those three planets which were said to be in the habitable zone of the star might indeed be habitable.

Because hydrogen gas is so light, it can escape the atmosphere of the exoplanets and be detected by Hubble, suggesting the possible presence of atmospheric water vapour.

While, there is also a discovery which makes all shocking, that TRAPPIST-1 Planets might have inhabited and hinted towards the mystery of the alien life beyond the earth. High-powered gravitational interactions are also believed to raise enormous ocean tides that could further the chance of life spawning-or having been spawned-on one of the possibly habitable planets. However, the findings also suggest the outer planets (e, f, and g), which orbit the habitable zone of TRAPPIST-1, could have lost less water and could still retain massive stores of liquid water on their surface.

Water vapour is sometimes considered conclusive evidence for the presence of liquid water, however, it should be noted that water vapour could exist where liquid water does not.

Scientists have observed water loss from one of the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets they've been studying, which could be a huge boost to attempts to find another habitable planet in space near our solar system.

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