Chipotle announces nationwide release date for Queso dip

Chipotle announces nationwide release date for Queso dip”

The prayers of queso fans have been answered.

The new dip launches nationwide Tuesday. Prices aren't yet available for every state, especially because queso hasn't been released everywhere yet, but looking at the Chipotle website, a side of queso is advertised at around $2, and adding it to a burrito or bowl is around $1.25.

So why did it take so long for Chipotle to give the people what they wanted?

Chipotle's CEO says it was the most requested item on the menu, but it was never added since they couldn't use the additives in most quesos.

However, it appears that Chipotle has figured out a way to bring delicious queso to both their restaurants and our stomachs as Ells comments, "Additives make typical queso very consistent and predictable, but are not at all in keeping with our food culture".

One of the hallmarks of a good Tex-Mex spot is its queso, the melted cheese dip that's the security blanket of the food world. Chipotle is releasing queso nationwide starting on September 12, so in just a few days, customers all over the USA can finally add queso to their chips and salsa, put it in their burritos and on top of their bowls.

The company first tested queso at the Chipotle NEXT Kitchen in NY early this summer, before expanding the new menu item to 350 restaurants in Southern California and Colorado for a test run.

Chipotle is taking its queso national next week.

Chipotle said their queso will include aged cheddar cheese tomatillos, tomatoes, and several varieties of peppers among its ingredients.

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