CM: speculation on leaked Brexit paper unhelpful

CM: speculation on leaked Brexit paper unhelpful”

It says: "We are minded to grant those in highly skilled occupations and who have a contract of employment of more than 12 months, a permit lasting three to five years".

According to the document, the government intends to place restrictions on "extended family members" and tighten the definition of who qualifies as a family member.

The UK government has an in-tray piled high with tricky policy issues related to Brexit.

A person in Whitehall familiar with the document said it was an "old version" and there had since been "more drafts", adding that the proposals had not yet been endorsed by ministers and were subject to negotiations with the EU. However, a weaker post-election Tory government has been forced to re-think its stance.

Prime Minister Theresa May holds a regional Cabinet meeting in Runcorn, Cheshire, as she launched her industrial strategy for post-Brexit Britain with a promise the Government will "step up" and take an active role in backing business. We have to meet the demand of the British people that there should be greater control on immigration going forward. However, UK lawmakers are wary that a sharp drop in immigration will lead to shortfalls in key sectors, including health, social care and construction.

"I have said that free movement - the principle of free movement - will end in 2018", he said. That point has been further stressed by both sides in the wake of June's terror attack in London.

The leak drew fierce criticism from opposition parties ahead of crunch Commons votes on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which incorporates European law into British law, next Monday. The UK finds itself in a tough position: its future relationship could largely depend on the bill being settled, although it's unlikely to sit well with Leave voters who were promised the UK would stop sending money to Brussels. In fact, this is as yet an unspecified date, but will probably be the day of the UK's exit from the EU. The right is already a critical point of contention in Brexit talks on citizens' rights and the leak prompted immediate, strong reactions from many quarters, within the United Kingdom and without.

But they will have to show passports, rather than using a national identity card to enter the country.

The document is not yet approved government policy but it is telling nonetheless.

He says there's little value in commenting on the leak until facts are established over the UK's Brexit priorities.

Former MEP Michiel van Hulten, now a visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics, said the proposals took "hard" Brexit to their logical conclusion - "a clean break" with the legacy of European Union membership - and in that sense were unsurprising.

The right to bring family members into the country could be tightened to only the most direct relatives like partners, spouses and children, and there could be an unspecified "income threshold" for European Union citizens to show they can support themselves while in the UK.

The idea - in a leaked document obtained by the Guardian - is part of a plan to cut low-skilled migration.

But the focus remains on letting British citizens fill job vacancies by encouraging training and requiring businesses to undergo an economic means test before hiring foreign talent. "We are very reluctant to be dragged into politics at the best of times".

Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, said proposals to restrict lower-skilled migrants to two-year work permits would be "catastrophic" for hotels and restaurants.

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