Flexible fashion innovation wins 2017 UK Dyson Award

Flexible fashion innovation wins 2017 UK Dyson Award”

During the first two years of a child's life, they can grow a staggering seven clothes sizes, costing the average United Kingdom parent £2,000 by the time they reach their third birthday.

Royal College of Art graduate Ryan Mario Yasin won the prize with his Petit Pli clothing, designed as part of his Masters in Innovation Design Engineering. The cost of transporting these clothes also harms the environment and the pressure for cheap clothes can lead to poor conditions for manufacturers.

The 24 year-old designer Ryan Yasin noticed his two year-old nephew was growing out of gifts he had bought him and set about finding a solution: the answer was Petit Pli, clothing which expands in both directions, meaning outfits fit children between six months and three years old.

By combining this ratio (also known as auxetics) with pleating, the clothing becomes thicker when stretched. The phenomenon is also applied in stents and biomedical implants. Yasin has to date developed more than 500 prototypes for Petit Pli and plans to use his £2,000 prize money to continue discussions with potential investors and expand the business. Yasin says he is in talks with a major United Kingdom retailer and hopes the first clothing will go on sale in the United Kingdom within months.

This constant cycle of producing and discarding clothing doesn't just have a major impact on household finances, it also places vast pressure on the environment and it's a problem which the latest UK Dyson award victor is looking to solve.

With the prize money now in his pocket, Yasin hopes to further his research and development and form a team of expert that will help him turn Petit Pli into a business.

Yasin has captured auxetic properties in Petit Pli through the use of permanent pleating. Heat treatment has fixed these properties permanently in place, even through the wash cycle, and they are created to be durable.

"Children outgrow their clothes in a matter of a few months, yet we clothe them in miniaturised adult clothing, as opposed to designing them from the ground up".

Winning the UK James Dyson Award means Yasin will receive a prize of £2,000 and be entered into the global round of the competition where he could win £30,000.

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