'General Bipin Rawat's Arrogance Taints India's Image'

'General Bipin Rawat's Arrogance Taints India's Image'”

On Thursday, the Army Chief at a think tank in Delhi made a comment saying that China's "flexing of muscles has started". But Army Chief Bipin Rawat's remarks about China "salami slicing, taking over territory in a very gradual manner, testing our limits or threshold" sparked a sharp reaction from Beijing.

The article further asked, "Where does the Indian Army's confidence come from?"

The intrusion by the Chinese army was noticed during one such joint training exercise and the Indian Army personnel engaged in the training were directed to prevent the Chinese from gaining control over the Doklam area which is strategically important to India's security, security sources said adding that for training the Bhutanese army, an officer of Major General rank has been posted in Thimphu. "The two sides need to work to really look at each other as cooperative partners rather than be driven by an old-fashioned mindset and regard each other as rivals or threats", he added, according to India Today. Anyhow, if India is ready for war, we should also not lower our guards and take all possible measures to bolster our defence and modernise our forces especially Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force as these remain neglected and as a effect the enemy has significant edge on air and naval fronts. "Should the Indian Army simulate a military rivalry with its Chinese counterpart before letting Rawat speak?"

"Just two days ago, [Chinese] President Xi Jinping pointed out to [Indian] Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the two countries are each other's development opportunities, not threats".

Chinese people, the editorial said, do not expect the border disputes between the two countries to be solved soon and they support negotiation result comes out, they support maintaining the status quo.

After the end of the Doklam standoff, Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi had a positive meeting at Xiamen.

"I'm not sure if his remarks have been authorized, and whether the remarks were impromptu speech or representing the position of the Indian government", Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said, noting even the Indian media considered his remarks shocking.

Global Times called Rawat's comments "arrogant" and wondered why the General advocated a two-front war "in such a high-profile manner". The editorial then threatens: "Should we embrace the first India or teach the second India a lesson?" He said there is a possibility that these conflicts could be limited in space and time or can expand into an all out war along the entire frontier, with Pakistan taking advantage of the situation.

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