Death Of The Outsider

Death Of The Outsider”

Yet while the game's premise would be better suited to a fully-fledged sequel, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider still manages to do the series proud. A supernatural bodyguard-turned-assassin who goes after the guys who framed him for killing an empress? Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. Billie has her own unique range of abilities, but unlike the other games she cannot gain more or level them up, although she can collect bone charms to augment and customise them.

Knocking guards out instead of killing. This is not almost as restrictive as it sounds though, and actually encourages you to find more imaginative ways to use your limited set of powers. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? That isn't to say it's finally gotten worn by the time we've arrived at Billie's story.

"The writing is as subtle as a brick thrown through a auto window".

Death of the Outsider plops you into the boots of Billie Lurk. It's a cute addition that doesn't particularly add anything to the game unless you're a dedicated fan of solving riddles delivered exclusively in high-pitched, childish voices, but the effort is appreciated; it's impressive to see so much put into moulding Billie into a hero of her very own, to the point it's nearly a shame she wasn't offered her own full game, as opposed to this five-mission addition. Billie's torn up by the things she's done, and seeks Daud to find forgiveness. Once she frees Daud, he has one last job for her: To murder the Outsider (Robin Lord Taylor), the ancient amoral god who grants powers seemingly at a whim.

Death of the Outsider imbues Billie with four of these abilities (with a slight twist), but there's an easy balance created here: her powers are familiar enough for players to dive into without hesitation, but differ enough to feel fresh. There are times when Death of the Outsider feels a little too familiar but, despite the game's reuse of art assets, these moments are far and few between.

She and Daud grapple with regret and who to blame, ideas that should be relatable but just aren't that affecting.

The other major component to the endings is how you deal with the Outsider. When you inspect the Outsider, you can select to stab and kill him.

Perhaps the simplest of endings, get to the Ritual Hold and kill the Outsider.

You can also listen to rats.

"Even with Contracts, the game is still short".

Semblance is mostly for pacifists, allowing you to magic a person's face off and walk around wearing it, which will literally open doors for you and allow you to complete some tasks in clever ways. You can also drop markers for Displace, making few areas out of reach. Your powers recharge over time, so you don't have to worry about spending them.

For letting the Outsider live and removing his powers, you'll earn the "Final Release" achievement / trophy.

Narratively, Death of the Outsider fits with Dishonored 2 and Dishonored 1's DLCs, The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. This provides an appreciated level of freedom and allows you to experiment without fear of a system judging your every action. Dishonored excels at being a blank slate for players' creativity, and while Death of the Outsider doesn't do anything to change that, it doesn't ruin a good thing.

The game's second level has multiple objectives, and a later bank heist features several puzzles and newly-designed Clockwork Soldiers. These reward money and bonecharms, little trinkets that alter Billie's abilities slightly.

Other contracts are equally fun, with steep challenges and lots of room for devising your own solutions. One has you stealing the recipe for a rat-based brew and destroying as much of it as you can find, while another requires you to entire a hostile bar and smuggle the bartender, still alive, across town. "Aside from that, none of the other levels are particularly memorable".

Still, if this is truly the last chapter, Death of the Outsider cements Dishonored as one of the best new franchises of the last ten years and places it among the most consistent trilogies ever seen in video games.

Whether or not we'll see another game in the series is a question best left to time. Death of the Outsider puts players behind the eyes of Billie Lurk, an important but until now never before playable character in the mythos of the fantasy stealth-action franchise. She lives the game's themes through play in ways much more dynamic and engaging than anything the dialogue and story could cook up. The final mission feels a bit more linear than the rest.

Death of the Outsider's story never lives up to its promise, but strong mechanics, good gameplay, and a fascinating world pull it through.

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