Jimmy Kimmel slams senator for lying about new health care bill

Jimmy Kimmel slams senator for lying about new health care bill”

"Health care is complicated; it's boring; I don't want to talk about it", Kimmel said. They're counting on you to be so overwhelmed with all the information, you just trust them to take care of you. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana told Kimmel he would write a bill that would protect children with preexisting conditions, like Kimmel's son, from lifetime limits. He said Cassidy, whom Kimmel quizzed on his show before the plan came out, "lied right to my face".

"The protection is absolutely the same", Cassidy said. According to the talk show host, the test at that time was a scheme that no family will be refused medical care, be it an emergency one or not, simply as they could not afford to pay for it. Kimmel said that Cassidy agreed to such a condition.

But Kimmel argued on Tuesday night that Cassidy's new legislation doesn't pass the test.

First, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) - the "Cassidy" in "Graham-Cassidy" who invented the "Jimmy Kimmel Test" - issued a statement Wednesday morning in response to Test namesake Jimmy Kimmel that managed to be chock-full of lies while only consisting of 62 words. "And that's what these guys are relying on", Kimmel continued. Lindsey Graham, states would receive block grants and cuts would be made to Medicaid, among other things. States can then apply for waivers that allow states to relax some of Obamacare's regulations to bring down costs.

"The counter argument will be pre-existing conditions will be up to the pricing of the particular state and market".

Cassidy then famously coined the "Jimmy Kimmel test" phrase, saying families like Kimmel's should not have to deal with high premiums, lifetime caps and rate hikes when it comes to coverage.

Kimmel explained that Senator Cassidy conjured up a "Jimmy Kimmel Test". After Kimmel waded into the health care debate, Cassidy said that any health care plan passed by Republicans should pass the "Jimmy Kimmel test" and ensure that every child gets the health care he or she needs. "Otherwise, you might be screwed".

"I wished he would've called Senator Cassidy to ask him if what I'm reading is true", Graham said to NBC's Kasie Hunt today.

Furious that Cassidy lied to him on live TV, Kimmel is calling him out. The late-night host also criticized the way Republican lawmakers are trying to fast-track the bill without bipartisan support.

"Look, I certainly respect the position that he is in as a parent". Watch the whole thing-even if Kimmel isn't your preferred late-night host, you'll be cheering by the end.

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