Tom Cruise Partially Blamed For 2015 Plane Crash While Filming 'American Made'

Tom Cruise Partially Blamed For 2015 Plane Crash While Filming 'American Made'”

Tom Cruise has been partially blamed for a 2015 fatal airplane crash on the set of his movie "American Made" that killed two people and seriously injured another, People magazine reported Wednesday.

The lawsuit, however, was filed against film producers Imagine Entertainment, Vendian Entertainment, and Cross Creek Pictures.

Central to the claim of the family are the alleged lapses on the part of the producers, which led to "an unqualified and unprepared pilot being pressed into service for a unsafe flight". A third pilot, Jimmy Lee Garland survived, but without feeling in the lower half of his body.

Cruise and Liman aren't named as defendants in the suit, but the plaintiffs claimed that the two were "negligent" by allowing the flight to take off.

Even more damning for the production, one of the executive producers sent a letter to the insurance company with a formal complaint against Cruise and Liman. "DL [Director Doug Liman] and TC [Cruise] [are] adding entire scenes and aerial shots on the fly. In the last 48 hours this has become the most insane s-t I've ever dealt with", he wrote. There's a very "thin line" between keeping all aerial activities safe and having an accident.

Purwin also described the production set as "the most unsafe project I've ever encountered". "Trust me on this!"

The family of Carlos Berl, who is also suing the survivor, claimed that Garland was the pilot.

The families also claim that Cruise could have piloted the plane himself, arguing that the star is "a well-qualified pilot very familiar with the Aerostar and the routing".

The movie's insurer, Great American Insurance Company, filed its own lawsuit in May, charging that it had no duty to cover the fatal accident partly because the aircraft transporting crew was "used for an unlawful objective", noted The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie, slated for release September 29, is based on the life of Barry Seal, a former TWA pilot who smuggled drugs for the Medellin Cartel before becoming a federal informant.

According to People, neither the film's studio, Universal, nor a rep for Cruise had any comment to offer.

American Made follows Cruise as Barry Seal, a former Trans World Airlines pilot who acted as a drug smuggler for the Medellin Cartel in the 1980s.

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