Yoko Ono Breaks Up John Lemon Lemonade Company

Yoko Ono Breaks Up John Lemon Lemonade Company”

It wasn't exclusively the use of the name that offended Ono and her people, it was the use of images of John Lennon, edited to include lemons and shared on social media, that pushed them into taking legal action.

Despite the clear similarities and references, the United Kingdom distributor of the drink said the drink has nothing to do with Lennon or the Beatles.

Mr Chamera insists United Kingdom sales of the product have not been linked to John Lennon's name or image, but says fighting the threatened law suit was impossible due to the threat of paying Yoko Ono's legal costs.

Karol Chamera, 30, (pictured) founder of Mr Lemonade Alternative Drinks Ltd, insists United Kingdom sales of the drink have not been linked to John Lennon's name or image.

Hugo Bałaziński of law firm KSP, which acted for John Lemon, said the company had registered its trademark in 2014 and that the John Lennon brand was not registered until a year ago.

They pointed towards a Facebook post by John Lemon Ireland, which showed a wall mural of Lennon holding lemons, with the company's logo underneath.

The company reportedly incorporated obvious allusions to the former Beatle in their marketing materials, using the phrase "let it be" - the title of the Beatles' 1970 LP and album's title track - and a pair of round glasses, a style similar to the kind Lennon famously wore.

Joris Van Manen, of the Dutch law firm that represented Ono, summed up the situation simply and accurately: "They were abusing and misusing the legacy of John Lennon to sell their soda".

Ono Lennon's lawyers said the lemonade infringed the trademark of her late husband's name and his personal rights.

This advert was posted on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Mr Chamera's company Mr Lemonade Alternative Drinks.

'I believe they are now going to call the drink On Lemon instead, which is much better'.

Yoko Ono has threatened to sue a small British lemonade firm trying to market a new "John Lemon" drink.

Yoko Ono's lawyers threatened action against the Polish manufacturers in March this year.

Mr Lemonade Alternative Drinks agreed to change the name to "On Lemon" after Ono wrote to the company and its distributors across Europe, warning that continued infringement could result in violations of up to 5,000 euros ($5,998) per day and 500 euros ($600.20) per bottle sold, The Guardian reports.

He said: "The settlement allowed our client to continue his business and passion in one, however it was agreed that since November 2017 the products offered by our client should rebrand".

Mr Chamera said he is being forced to sell all his stock of the drink before the ban comes into force on October 30.

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