Another Rahul Gandhi gaffe: 'Gandhi, Nehru, Azad were NRIs'

Another Rahul Gandhi gaffe: 'Gandhi, Nehru, Azad were NRIs'”

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi concluded his two-week United States tour on Wednesday with a speech addressing Indian Americans at the Marriot Maquis, Times Square, New York.

On Thursday, Rahul Gandhi urged the diaspora in the USA to participate in transforming India, and also said that India's forefathers were all "NRIs". "Every single one of them went to the outside India, saw the world, returned to India and used some of the ideas they got and transformed India", he said.

Gandhi, who touring the United States, said freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were all NRIs.

"One of the biggest successes in India, the milk that most of India drinks, it was man called Mr Kurien, he was an NRI. There are thousands of examples that we have not recognised".

"Everywhere you look in this country, there is an Indian person working for America, working for India, living peacefully and building this country and our country".

Gandhi, who is on a two-week visit to the USA, termed the Non-Resident Indians "as the backbone of the country" and said he was keen to involve them in the work of the party to discuss its vision forward.

Reflecting on the contribution made by NRIs, Gandhi called them "backbone of the country" fuelling India's growth. I view India as a set of ideas. I don't view India as a piece of land. For thousands of years, India has had a reputation of peace and harmony.

The Congress V-P also claimed that NRIs expressed their concern over the issue of alleged rise in intolerance in India. Some people view India as a geophraphical construct. What has happened to the harmony in India?'. He said that the divisive forces are ruining India's reputation globally and this is something everyone has to defend it. You can imagine as this process continues what the result will be. Gandhi said India will have to empower small and medium businesses if it has to produce "millions of jobs".

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