Sanders Scare-Quotes 'Enemy' in Describing Soviet Union During Foreign Policy Speech

Sanders Scare-Quotes 'Enemy' in Describing Soviet Union During Foreign Policy Speech”

Sanders, who has drawn speculation of a potential presidential campaign in 2020, outlined his foreign policy vision in an hourlong speech. He said North Korea was the worst regime in the world, but should be dealt with using sanctions.

The St. Louis aside fit within the broader theme of Sanders' speech, in which he called for a reaffirmation of the country's commitment to democratic values so the United States could promote them overseas.

Nelson says Sanders' speech highlights the reality that the Vermont senator has become the unofficial head of the liberal wing of the Democratic party. "Dialogue and debate are far preferable to bombs, poison gas and war", Sanders said.

Sanders' visit is a part of the Green Foundation Lectureship, which has seen many world leaders visit Westminster to deliver significant addresses.

It was during the 1946 lecture series that Sir Winston Churchill delivered his "Iron Curtain" speech. But in some ways, his suspicion of Washington's actions overseas also meant that he sounded like Trump, or at least the Trump of the campaign trail who targeted the Republican establishment by espousing a more modest role for America overseas.

"Despite past efforts they have repeatedly shown their determination to move forward with these programs in defiance of virtually unanimous worldwide opposition and condemnation", Sanders said of the North Korean regime.

He blasted President Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement and warned Trump against withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. In other words, the same basic policy President Trump is now pursuing and that President Obama pursued before him. "A sensible and effective foreign policy recognizes that our safety and welfare is bound up with the safety and welfare of others around the world", he said. The Senator stressed his point by quoting a 1953 speech by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was himself a US military general.

After World War II, Sanders says that instead of punishing and humiliating the war's losers, the United States pushed the Marshall Plan to help rebuild Germany and other Western economies.

But she told HuffPost she was disappointed by some of his choices when he did take on the subject: He was fearless to not attend the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in 2016, she said, and instead deliver remarks calling for a new USA policy on Israel and Palestine elsewhere, but he could have used his sway and platform to instead target a national security issue where policy changes are more viable, like pulling US troops out of Afghanistan. "He ensured that it did not have almost the impact it might have", Bennis said.

As Sanders admits, these are not easy questions, but they are ones "we can not afford to ignore".

"I think we have got to be out there as a Democratic Party continuing to explain what this bill does, and that includes [Sens.] Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar", Mr. Murphy said. Younger Americans now see domestic problems in the inherently tied to global issues, Hurlburt noted.

From Sanders' point of view, the USA pours too much of its budget into military spending, leaving an insufficient amount of funding for other discretionary spending. In a confusing three-act play, Senator McCaskill said she was open to the idea of single-payer, then voted "present" on single-payer legislation while some her colleagues voted outright 'no, ' only to turn around and come out against Bernie's bill.

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