Sprint and T-Mobile expected to announce merger details this month

Sprint and T-Mobile expected to announce merger details this month”

This merger will strengthen the position of both parties.

The due diligence has a lot to do with the earnings of Sprint, which is valued less compared to T-Mobile. Bloomberg News has reported that the stocks of Sprint has fallen by two percent on October 5, which means that T-Mobile will have to evaluate if the merger is still actually worth pursuing. Sprint is the fourth largest mobile network operator in the United States and soon going to merge with T-Mobile.

Sprint and T-Mobile also are continuing discussions around non-cash items, such as where the combined entity's headquarters will be located and executive management, according to the report. Both the telecom companies are working together to finalize the deal and an official announcement is expected of the merger by end of the month. According to the reports, there won't be any sort of breakup fee, if the merger does not happen. So neither of the telecom tycoons will face any financial issues in case of failure of the merger.

Two of the top five biggest telecommunication companies in the USA, T-Mobile and Sprint, have been reported to be adding the final touches and embellishments to their merger.

Besides analysts watching the wireless carrier industry in the US, the deal may draw other attention as people watch to see how the Trump administration handles their anti-trust review of the proposed merger. The US has 4 major carriers for quite a time now. People with knowledge of the matter claim that a traditional breakup free will most certainly not be included in the final agreement as to avoid the risk of U.S. regulators rejecting the merger, much like the merger deal between Comcast and Time Warner Cable Inc.

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