South Park: The Fractured but Whole season pass announced

South Park: The Fractured but Whole season pass announced”

Drawing upon more inspiration from the series than Cartman's first game of make-believe, The Stick of Truth, these young superheroes are involved with more topical and vulgar events than perhaps ever in the series' storied two-decade run. The wonderful level of detail and excellent writing actually makes you feel as if you are in a South Park Episode. Cartman's gang is at odds with Butters, who plays the villainous Professor Chaos, as well as another group of heroes known as the Freedom Pals, which were originally part of Coon & Friends but split off to form their own team after a disagreement.

You don't easily become over-powered, there's enough enemy variety to keep things interesting and the deep South Park lore present in just about every area gives casual fans and superfans alike something to keep their attention rapt at all times. South Park: The Fractured But Whole essentially accomplishes the exact same thing once again, marking either a ideal sequel, or a tiresome retread, depending on your own feelings toward the series. The game has some laugh-out loud moments, some uncomfortably tasteless moments, and some foul moments. This new game has made significant improvements from its predecessor and is packed with in-jokes that "South Park" fans are sure to love. Secondly aside from one major save related bug that I only encountered once, majority of my experience with the game was mostly smooth without any issues that hindered my progress. One way to boost your strength in battle is by collecting and equipping artifacts, which are items that can give your team an edge. A stripper can be used to run people over in her vehicle, or Moses (yes, that Moses, though in South Park he's a virtual entity created to reference Master Control Program from Tron) can be called upon to heal all injured allies.

TFBW is effectively a mega-length episode of the TV series, and it's a good one.

To begin with, you'll get access to three large story updates.

The combat system in TFBW is an evolution of the original game.

The game takes a page from JRPGs with its turn-based combat that throws players onto a grid.

As for the New Kid himself, there is a lot of customization options available to the player. Every move has a designated range, so it's vital that you understand the limits of each character. This makes exploration a breeze and even if you include Fast Travel, you will hardly notice the loading screens. It's not a game for those who have a delicate constitution. This also turns him invisible and positions him behind them. There are individual stats to track the effectiveness of each power, like Spunk for your magic abilities and Brawn for more physical attacks.

The new kid was not around during the superhero phase of the children's imagination. You'll be hard-pressed to find a video game that so closely adheres to its source material. This generally allows you to do things like super-charge status effect damage or massively buff the rate at which you gain the Ultimate meter. The developers also thought it'd be neat to block off certain paths around the map with obstacles you can't get by without the help of buddy powers that you unlock much later on. If your fear is ninjas, for example, you'll be at a disadvantage when squaring off against that class of enemy.

Do you see what I see?

Another ability in The Fractured But Whole is to craft items for you to use. If you're into that, there's plenty of room to find the optimal setup, and it's likely the hardest difficult modes would demand it.

At least until you summon a party member so he can shove a handheld sandblaster tube up your anus and you use the pressure of your farts to blow away debris. At times it feels like The Fractured But Whole is trying to consistently one-up itself with what ridiculous scenario it can force the player into. Another requires you to constantly move across the stage while an undefeatable enemy follows you.

And that feel isn't just limited to cutscenes. This is largely a replica of the original game. While you're roaming South Park, you can walk up to people a press the right shoulder button to take a selfie with them. It's fun to explore South Park, but it's tough to pretend that some of the shine hasn't worn off the experience. It felt like the right amount of time for the story and gameplay. There are new buildings and new places to see, but it all feels the same.

Visually, TFBW is not very different from the first game, but that's not a bad thing at all. It looks exactly like the cartoon. There's some creativity with the attack animations, which provide some flair. Likewise, the voice acting is excellent.

The visuals and sound are pretty much replicas of the TV show. There's also a ton of dialogue, including special quotes for most combinations of characters.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole releases on October 17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And that more than anything is what makes the game worth a look.

Since this is South Park, it should be obvious that the. shall we say "unique" brand of humor is bound to ruffle some feathers. There's less reliance on knowing inside jokes and more setups that are enjoyable on their own.

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