The Moms Take Us Behind The Scenes of 'A Bad Moms Xmas'

The Moms Take Us Behind The Scenes of 'A Bad Moms Xmas'”

Ah, Nov. 1, the day after Halloween, now grudgingly acknowledged by retailers, the Hallmark Channel and - with the release of the raunchy but rote comedy "A Bad Moms Christmas" - the movie schedule to be the semiofficial start of the Christmas season.

When the first comedy in this franchise, "Bad Moms", came out past year, there were just three of those moms - Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) - all "wine moms" letting loose with some shots while letting go of their aspirations to be "perfect moms". They let loose with some shots while letting go of perfectionism. While a lot of the film revolves around Ruth's attempts to strong arm Amy into doing things her way, the other two women's stories are given enough attention for there to be a generally satisfying arch for each one.

The ones in this film are cartoonish and campy. Like Santa's reindeer or the Smurfs, they're categorized by their attributes: Stressy, Crazy, Slutty, Critical, Clingy and Drifter. She's divorced with a couple of kids (Oona Laurence and Emjay Anthony), whom she warily apprises, as if she's not quite sure who they are or why they're in her house.

Amy's mom (Christine Baranski) is an uptight control freak, with plans to throw a giant Christmas party in Amy's home, whether she wants it or not. Amy (Kunis) is in her natural state of constant stress but is dating hunky single dad Jessie (Jay Hernandez), whom she hooked up with at the end of the previous movie.

"Bad Moms" seemed to spring from a single inspirational scene (moms going insane at a house party), and the rest of the movie appeared to be written around it.

While not a bad Moms Christmas, it's certainly a ho-hum holiday with only one real fruitcake to enjoy. That ice is from the moon!

Good-natured Kiki (Bell) has her patience tested by her mom Sandy (Cheryl Hines), who has no boundaries but some seriously creepy habits when it comes to getting closer to her daughter.

Hahn is impressive, but you may find yourself wanting to scream, "This is beneath you!" about almost every scene she's in. Female audiences deserve better than this. Furthermore, it positions the enemies of moms as other moms - not the rigidly gendered social structures and expectations that demand women do the majority of the domestic and emotional labor.

As a fun comedy A Bad Moms Christmas doesn't disappoint. Hahn, however, singlehandedly keeps the second Bad Moms - as she also did for the first - entertaining with her crass, over-the-top Carla.

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