Who Went Home on 'Survivor' Fall 2017? Week 6 Spoilers!

Who Went Home on 'Survivor' Fall 2017? Week 6 Spoilers!”

This week's episode, called "This Is Why You Play Survivor", began with the afermath of the tribal council from last week - and even a tearful confessional from Ali. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET to find out! Want more news? Like our Survivor Facebook page. The Survivor season 35 episode 6 commercial entirely focuses on him and how everyone (sans Jessica) is fed up with his hungry, hungry antics.

On Wednesday's sixth episode of "Survivor" 35, Ryan Ulrich made the game-changing move of turning on his original alliance member Ali Elliott in favor of Chrissy Hofbeck and, to a lesser extent, JP Hilsabeck. The Soko Tribe, Chrissy is happy that tribal council went exactly as it was supposed to and feels Ryan believes he can get further with her than with Ali. Did Ryan make the right decision in ousting his former Hustler ally, or should he have tried harder to convince Chrissy to keep Ali and eliminate JP instead? She wishes Ryan and Chrissy luck in beating J.P. It's Ali. However, Ryan would rather have JP out before the merge, and that means making up with Ali. He is excited to be able to provide for his tribe. Mike is catching fish. Cole doesn't share his fish and the tribe notices.

The tribe is trying to ration out the food but Cole says they shouldn't cut down the food. Last week, Lauren was giving him hell, now this week Ben is the one saying Cole's showing his true colors with his greedy food habits.

The tribes gather for their reward challenge on Day 15, where they learn Roark was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Once everyone is across, the team must untie a boat and pull themselves and the boat to a platform, where they have to knock down two targets with an over-sized slingshot. The first two teams will win rewards; Jeff teases them with 10 pizzas and ice cold soft drinks; the second tribe to finish wins 1 pizza. The Soko tribe ended up winning thanks mostly to firefighter JP; unfortunately, JP being the hero (hey, he is on the Heroes tribe) ended up putting a huge target on his back. He's good at what he does, but he's bad at what he doesn't, which is playing the social game. Devon is suspicious of Joe, and Desi would seriously consider getting rid of Joe if it came to it. He knows Devon is watching him, but his game is to have power, control and to manipulate.

Over on Levu there was instant discussion about getting rid of Joe - but the problem there was that Joe, (in continuing his Tony impression) ended up finding another hidden immunity idol! As he digs, he tells us he is digging for his children and when he finds his second idol, he remarks that this is why you play Survivor. Mike rushes over and asks if he is okay, but has no clue what happened. How he handles himself could spell the demise of players beyond himself, but especially Jessica. Could Cole get medevac'd out of this game? It is good he wasn't hurt but they can't pamper and cater to him. While Cole and Jess make googly eyes at one another, everyone has decided that if they lose the immunity challenge, Cole is the one to go. Cole tells Jessica he cares about her. This challenge is very clever because it truly requires that the tribe work together to keep the plate level. If at any point they fall off their beam or the stack falls, they need to start at the beginning again. Yawa jumped out to an early lead and almost took the win before its entire stack fell before the last letter. Levu and Soko are neck and neck with one letter to go.

Ryan is still thinking strategy and still doesn't want to take the merge but knows that he needs Ali's vote. He apologizes to her, he doesn't think she is going home. When it came time to vote, Ali was unanimously sent packing by Ryan, Chrissy and JP. Ali is chopping Ryan into tiny little pieces. Chrissy says all four of them want to make it to the merge as Ali says it will influence their vote tonight. Idols are being found left and right, blindsides are sending players home in shocking fashion and strong relationships are becoming pivotal, leaving no one sure of their safety. A very quiet rock. Ryan says playing quietly is risky and isn't sure he wants to work with someone like that. J.P. admits that if he is voted out, he will rethink his (lack of) social game this season. JP says the next vote is easy. She puts her head in her hands and says, "You're kidding me!"

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