Newborn baby left in a controversial 'baby box'

Newborn baby left in a controversial 'baby box'”

The boxes are equipped with alarms that notify local officials when a baby is placed inside. They are created to be a warm and secure environment until officials arrive. "Open it up and that baby just looks me right in the eyes".

7 at 10:24 p.m. emergency responders were dispatched to the Coolspring Township Volunteer Fire Department at 7111 W CR 400 N after the La Porte County 911 Center received an alarm from the "Safe Haven Baby Box". "Now the baby is quiet, calm, checked her out real quick inside of the box". "It's a win-win scenario", Pawlik said.

There were not judgements at the fire station. That's what the box is for. There won't be an investigation to find the parents. "She stepped up to the plate and did the right thing".

"[The mother] stepped up to the plate and did the right thing and putting the baby in the baby box instead of us finding the baby in a ditch, the woods or a dumpster like we hear so many disgusting stories", said assistant fire chief Warren Smith.

Monica Kelsey, a firefighter and the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, told WNDU-TV that when she heard the news that a baby had been left in the box, "I had to sit down and take a deep breath because all of this hard work that we had been working so hard for has finally paid off so my heart is full, my heart is full".

For a busy volunteer department that responds to almost 1,200 calls annually, this one call made their year. "I'm elated for once we see something good", Pawlik said.

It has touched so many people on social media, and some have even reached out to Indiana's Child and Family Services to adopt her.

He said the baby, which was about an hour old, appeared to be in good condition and was transported by ambulance to hospital.

An Indiana fire department says a "baby box" installed in their building has saved the life of a newborn baby girl.

According to the Safe Haven Baby Boxes website, the boxes have been used in developing countries, where they have shown promise in enabling women to anonymously give up babies without fear of backlash.

Two boxes have since been installed in IN, which has so-called "safe haven" laws that allow women to give up newborn infants without fear of arrest or prosecution. They hope to expand the program to more locations.

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