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Does passive Smoking lung cancer?

Lung cancer has one of the poorest survival rates for any of the major cancers because most are diagnosed only when they become symptomatic or show signs of a disease. He chose to do a little more testing and found that I had cancer.

Macrae was speaking as an worldwide survey by the Global Lung Cancer Coalition revealed one quarter of people in the United Kingdom have less sympathy for people with the illness than those with other forms of the disease.

Macrae said the illness was so closely associated with smoking that people automatically assumed the patients had brought it upon themselves.

My sister passed within five months of finding out that she had non-small cell lung cancer.

"Most people would say "smoker" but there's an increase in patients who present with lung cancer who are not smokers". This disease needs our attention and they deserve our support.

Potential signs are a cough that does not go away, shortness of breath, chest pain or discomfort, trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing up blood, hoarseness, loss of appetite, weight loss (for no known reason), feeling very exhausted, trouble swallowing, swelling of the face and/or veins in the neck, and infection in your lungs that keep coming back.

"The reality is that anyone can get lung cancer, yet lung cancer has been in the shadows for decades", said Rita Redaelli, executive director of the American Lung Association in San Diego.

As for me, I thought I was having a heart attack. So it's a very hard thing to diagnose.

The clinical nursing specialist said lung cancer struggled to get the funding more "glamorous" types of cancer received that did not have any kind of stigma attached.

This month is a global effort to reduce stigma for a disease that takes more lives annually that breast, prostate and colon cancers combined.

This rate was not higher than in the General population, so of developing lung cancer are as likely as those who are constantly exposed to passive Smoking, and those who rarely contact with tobacco smoke.

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