Users report battery drain with YouTube app on iOS 11

Users report battery drain with YouTube app on iOS 11”

There are some doors left open wide in the YouTube client on iOS 11, as plenty of users have taken to the interwebs to complain that their iPhones and iPads updated to the latest version of Apple's mobile OS, are experiencing heat and power consumption issues with it.

At the time of writing, the YouTube app has not yet been updated to address this issue, but we imagine the developers will be working quickly to release a fix.

A new bug in the YouTube for iOS app is causing significant battery drainage, and in certain cases, device overheating for some users. This issue affects all devices running iOS 11, it's not just limited to the iPhone.

It's normal for your phone to run a little warmer if you're running a number of demanding apps, but it should not be running hot while doing something as simple as playing a video. As a result, many users have elected to uninstall the app entirely and resort to watching YouTube videos in Safari, an annoying workaround to help preserve battery life.

An update to the YouTube app for iOS was released this morning, though the release notes didn't give any indication as to what was included, or whether it fixed the battery drain issue. In the meantime, be careful about using the YouTube app if you're out and about and need to conserve some battery. There is no reason why 5 minutes of video streaming should report back as over an hours worth of background activity. The reports indicate severe battery drain, with some users saying their battery drops around 10-20% after 15-30mins of video watching. Some other problems reported were camera bugs, notification breaks and the two main foxes not working.

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