China will strictly implement United Nations resolutions on North Korea - ministry

China will strictly implement United Nations resolutions on North Korea - ministry”

President Trump is so far tight-lipped about it.

Today, Mister Trump is scheduled to have lunch with Vice President Mike Pence, as his administration prioritizes its agenda for the New Year.

'But you just can't tweet here.

"He's told the North Koreans, 'I will deny you the capability to hit America with a nuclear-tipped missile.' If they test another bomb, they're closer to having that capability", Graham said on CBS's "Face the Nation".

President Trump's actions are taking us down a risky path to war on two fronts: Iran and North Korea.

North Korea has accelerated the pace of its missile program, launching 40 ballistic missiles and conducting three nuclear tests over the past two years.

North Korea has long followed such a strategy of intense provocations followed by conciliatory phases aimed at exposing rifts, he said. 'Sanctions will never work completely without the threat of credible military force'.

In a separate event, during the New Year speech, North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un offered a rare gesture to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis. 'He's living large, and he could care less about his people'.

China exported no oil products to North Korea in November, Chinese customs data showed, apparently going above and beyond sanctions imposed earlier previous year by the United Nations in a bid to limit petroleum shipments to the isolated country. Graham said. "The only way he'll change his behavior [is] if he believes Donald Trump would use military force to destroy his regime".

The South Carolina senator also talked about his about-face when it came to Trump.

A top strategist says a Cold War between the United States and China is "almost inevitable".

Running for president in 2016, Graham called candidate Trump a number of things including a "kook" and an individual 'unfit for office'.

'Well, the American people spoke, they rejected my analysis and he is now my president, ' Graham said.

Mullen also weighed in on protests spreading in Iran this weekend and the potential crackdown by the Iranian government, saying the "protests represent the inability to deliver" on a better economy by the country's leaders.

He added, "So rather than the president going out there and being a loose cannon on Twitter, he should actually build upon those successes to finally bring North Korea to the table and make sure that they become denuclearized".

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