Sheriff David Clarke temporarily blocked by Twitter after posting some disturbing tweets

Sheriff David Clarke temporarily blocked by Twitter after posting some disturbing tweets”

The tweet also featured an image showing President Donald Trump's face photoshopped over a wrestler's face who is holding another wrestler with CNN photoshopped over their face.

According to Talking Points Memo, Clarke's anger was triggered by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had sought a warrant to search a Gmail account belonging to him, in order to investigate whether he had used his office to improperly detain a man who had shaken his head at Clarke on a plane.

"Punch them in the nose & MAKE THEM TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD", Clarke tweeted Saturday, providing no evidence of lies. In May, the U.S. Attorney's office decided not to pursue criminal charges, ending the case. "I will NOT be intimidated by LIBERAL hyper partisan government HACKS who weaponize government authorirty (sic) to go after people whose views they don't like". When LYING LIB MEDIA makes up FAKE NEWS to smart me, the ANTIDOTE is go right at them. I will stand and fight for truth and what I believe is right. Not yet however. Diaper wearing lefty didn't like my metaphor reference to punching LYING LIB MEDIA in the nose. Twitter said no violation of rules.

Twitter initially did not take action against Clarke but reversed course after receiving multiple complaints.

But CNN was able to verify that Clarke's account was temporarily placed in read-only mode until Clarke deleted the tweet quoted above, and two others which used similar rhetoric against the media.

"If the account owner complies with our requested actions and stated policies, the account will be unlocked", they wrote in a support email to several users.

Clarke did not immediately respond to the Law&Crime request for comment, and provide an explain as to why this message is down. For instance, during the 2016 presidential campaign, he tweeted that it was time for Americans to pick up "pitchforks and torches" in response to what he called a "rigged" electoral system.

This post has been updated to reflect new information reported by CNN on Tuesday afternoon, regarding the conditions of Clarke's return to Twitter following his temporary freeze.

Twitter has yet to release any official statement about Clarke's account.

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