'The Flash' Season 4 Episode 15 'Enter Flashtime' Promo Released

'The Flash' Season 4 Episode 15 'Enter Flashtime' Promo Released”

Ah yeah, good old Ralph. Ralph and Barry (GRANT GUSTIN) have tracked her down, and try to convince her that she's in danger because someone wants her for her powers.

In it, we see Clifford DeVoe (now in Becky Sharpe's body) berating his wife and partner Marlize. I'm interested to see how far he goes.

"Subject 9" airs tonight at 8 pm on the CW. Now Cisco just needs to figure out a way to track DeVoe and find it.

Fans recently got a glimpse of Barry entering Flashtime when Iris was about to make the big reveal at the court about Barry being the Flash.

This clip offers up one of the best opportunities that we've had so far to get some insight on both the story of this upcoming episode and also its notable new bus meta - a country singer named Izzy who apparently can manipulate sound using her fiddler.

Needless to say Barry's feeling a bit down, but luckily his mood doesn't drag the episode down with it - and the reason for that is that Cisco and Ralph continue to be reliable sources of humor. Marlize theorizes that adding all these different meta-human powers is eating away at the body at a quicker rate than even DeVoe could have expected.

Having just been put on suspension, it is understandable that Barry Allen isn't thinking things through clearly when he goes to confront Izzy the first time. DeVoe is then surprised when Izzy manages to affix the device to The Thinker's forehead - though, as Kilg%re, he is able to short it out ASAP.

Later, Barry's flawed training techniques are key in driving Izzy straight into DeVoe's arms.

Realizing that Izzy is alone in the warehouse district picking a fight with DeVoe, Barry and Ralph race to the scene, though the former gets KO'd pretty quickly by an aneurysm. That explains how DeVoe captured Barry and then brought him out above the city. He runs into Cecille, who is having her own problems as her mind reading ability refuses to shut off even when she's sleeping. She explains that she can't sleep because she hears Joe's dreams. While Garrick has only been mentioned by name this season, Quick did appear digitally.

The Thinker ready to fly the body of Barry? However, the photos from The Flash Season 4 episode 15 confirms the involvement of the other two speedsters in the next mission. Her powers weakened DeVoe, so she may be their best shot at stopping him. He wants to call it the Cerebral Inhibitor, which, hey, that's what Savitar said they'd use against DeVoe.

The battle ends when Devoe uses one of his force fields to trap Barry and Ralph outside while he connects his chair to Izzy and transfers his consciousness into her. Ralph is visibly shaken because he was growing close to Izzy and now she's gone. There are some people who just won't believe it's actually DeVoe, especially in a city of metas (and who can blame them?), so Singh asks him to agree to take a leave of absence, requested by the new mayor, indefinitely.

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