Supreme Court case on unions

Supreme Court case on unions”

IL state worker Mark Janus, backed by an array of far-right legal organizations, contends that having to pay a fee to American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 31 violates his free-speech rights because it forces him to give money to an organization he disagrees with. Compromising on First Amendment issues is generally regarded as risky by civil libertarians, but Mr. Breyer's proposal to adopt a more nuanced view of union activities, under which collective bargaining and political activities are regarded separately, protects free speech and makes it much easier for civil libertarians to accept a decision reaffirming the idea that unions have the right to extract dues from non-members in order to support the collective bargaining process.

The Supreme Court also ruled, in the 2007 case Davenport vs. Washington Education Association, that a union may use non-member fees for political activities, but only with the permission of the non-members. For starters, unions get to decide how much money goes to collective bargaining, and they reportedly have made it unreasonably hard for conscientious objectors to opt out of their dues-paying.

'We are organizing, organizing, organizing - and it's working.'
Lawyers argued the case on Monday.

Gutting labor unions puts LGBTQ working people's rights at risk: "Collective bargaining rights and strong unions are essential to the prosperity and security of all LGBTQ working people", says Victoria M. Victoria M. Rodriguez-Roldan, the National LGBTQ Task Force's Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Justice Project Director explained. As a paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research has shown, right-to-work laws, based on the principles of Janus' argument, decrease Democratic presidential vote shares by 3.5 percent.

Apparently, when you don't force workers to stay in a union, many choose to leave. What he wants is both ways. "When we're defending someone who's up on disciplinary charges or has a grievance, those are not political issues". In a union job, the union represents everybody. It has been backed by a small group of foundations whose funders include the Koch brothers and the DeVos family.

She cited several cases in which public employee unions lobbied or campaigned on issues not directly related to contract negotiations. Scalia's replacement, Neal Gorsuch, argued as a lower-court judge that a truck driver was justifiably fired for abandoning a disabled trailer after he drove off rather than freeze to death waiting for help to come.

That rhetorical question was really addressed to Kennedy's fellow justices, and particularly to the four who concluded in the 2016 Friedrichs case that mandatory fair share payments do not violate the First Amendment liberties of public employees who disagree with the political positions and candidates supported by the unions.

Many have noted that such an overreaching and inconsistent decision could have unintended consequences by granting a heretofore denied constitutional right to collective bargaining and transforming thousands of workplace disputes into constitutional controversies. In Wisconsin, when Gov. Scott Walker (R) passed Act 10, which included paycheck protection, AFSCME membership fell by more than half - from 62,818 in 2011 to 28,745 the following year.

As it is, workers in union-heavy industries are typically under incredible pressure to join - in my experience, there are few bullies bigger than the union boss in everyday American life. In the next breath, we hear them argue that teachers are substantially underpaid compared to what others earn in the private sector. (Median weekly earnings for unionized public sector workers are 19.5% higher than non-unionized public sector workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.) As a result, many union members will be incentivised to stop paying dues, too. "The New York City trade-union movement in my view is now the epicenter of defense for working people across this whole country".

The union threats are disgraceful, and they also ring hollow. "We must hold the line here, and I think we will". Tell us about the case.

When the public sector suffers, communities suffer. When we join together in union, we win, and our success spreads.

American labor laws, and the employers who benefit from them, prefer that if there's going to be a union, only one should serve as the exclusive representative of all eligible employees in a workplace. As I mentioned above, the state's unions are the main impediment to any sort of fiscal reform, or to any substantive improvement in California's decrepit public services.

At stake is whether government workers should, as a condition of employment, be compelled to pay money to a union. The answer was yes, a victory for Janus would curb labor's political power.

Believe the bumper sticker "Live Better; Work Union", because it's true.

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