God of War reviews round-up, all the scores

God of War reviews round-up, all the scores”

Kratos took out his fair share of issues dispatching the Greek Gods over many years and Santa Monica Studio made the ambitious leap to take Kratos into an all-new realm, or should we say, the nine realms of Asgardian mythology. One of the single most compelling reasons to own a PlayStation 4 in 2018, God of War strikes an elegant balance between surprisingly thoughtful storytelling, bone-crunching combat, and addictive RPG-style mechanics that will keep you playing into the wee hours of the morning. This sense continues into the newest God of War, with richly detailed environments that encompass vast lakes, forests, mountains and more than a few otherworldly landscapes. Comprehending God of War's memorable places is as satisfying as sinking the axe into a demon's skull - alternating between thinking and fighting gives God of War a rhythm that can be absorbing for hours at a time.

Kratos can level-up by equipping better gear, and has a full statline that can be min-maxed or evenly spread. God of War on PS4.

Your bread and butter is using a heavy attack as a launcher then juggling with light blows, and peppering in arrows from Atreus. The visuals and graphical power on display in God of War is staggering by any standard, but even compared to particularly impressive titles over the past year it stands alone. So how does he end up in these lands of the Norse? How did he find love and a family after everything he went through. These questions build immediate interest in the revival. He's still angry, but not in a generic, shout-happy kind of way. Kratos is suddenly a single father, raising young boy Atreus and bringing him along on a unsafe journey across a world full of monsters, both alive and dead. Here we find Kratos as a stoically mourning husband and father, bent on fulfilling his deceased wife's last wish. God of War's take on the lore and settings of Norse mythology are a sight to behold and they do some very intriguing things with the characters players will meet (and battle).

Above: Kratos still fights plenty of monsters. Nordic deities inevitably pop up, and get smacked down, but God of War draws you forward because it's rooted in a story of a father and son learning to deal with loss. Switching between weapons and approaches already seems paramount to combat in God of War, and it feels great so far. For this reboot/sequel, director Cory Barlog has dropped the point of view behind your back, similar to a third-person shooter. But the action is slower and less dependent on combos than before.

The perspective adds drama to fights. The result is frenetic, especially when combined with special "runic" attacks that might freeze everyone in your vicinity or see you diving shield-first into a wall of enemies. Kratos' Frost Axe has slots too, giving you new abilities entirely based on the rune you slot in. It works akin to Thor's magical hammer from the Marvel comics and movies, and it's just as awesome as it sounds.

Atreus has a role in combat as well. He's active in combat, using his bow and arrow to distract enemies and move the focus away from Kratos at times.

God of War is an open-world game, but not in the way you might think. Its world is large and connected, but don't expect Far Cry or Horizon: Zero Dawn. Treasure chests and mythological texts are hidden in places that need brainwork rather than brawn to unlock, encouraging the player to look around and feel present in the world. This is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding game worlds I've ever had the privilege to explore. There were moments following the credits when I'd simply open the world map, look at all of its diverse landmarks, and gape in wonder.

Much of Kratos' adventure progresses linearly, but there are times where you are invited to explore the world's nooks and crannies for side quests and extra challenges. They have a lot of fans, and not all of them will be happy to see just how much Sony has changed Kratos and his world. It's the former that makes this one of the best stories I've seen in a Triple-A game in a long time, while the latter makes it a whole lot of fun. In the older God of War games, you could kill dozens of enemies with a few combos. It is made very clear that you are the outsider in these realms, and that the goings on between gods and giants are cosmically much more important than your own struggles or presence. If you're nostalgic for something like the original, this may not satisfy you. And if you get to stun the enemy and press the appropriate button, you get to witness a brutal takedown worthy of a Mortal Kombat fatality screen.

What God of War exemplifies is a series that is not afraid to stray from its established roots.

God of War gets off to an incredibly strong start with a compassion filled opening that pivots hard to bone crunchng comabt and clever environmental puzzles.

From the game's gorgeous landscapes to its sinewy soundtrack by Bear McCreary, God of War boasts some of the finest production work on the PS4.

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