Gayle King Grills Paul Ryan on Lack of Diversity in GOP

Gayle King Grills Paul Ryan on Lack of Diversity in GOP”

I believe him - because that much was true when he took the job after Boehner left.

"After more than a year of hiding from his constituents and a career of pushing for policies that hurt his community and the country, Speaker Ryan's decision to not seek re-election shows he's learning what PPAWI has known for years, attacks on access to health care are deeply unpopular and unsafe".

The fast timetable meant House leaders passed the bill in committee, and on the House floor, without final Congressional Budget Office scores.

Paul Ryan said on Wednesday he was anxious that his three children, all born after his first congressional election, see him as a half-time dad. Several GOP veterans have announced plans to retire in recent months, and another, Rep. Dennis Ross of Florida, followed Ryan on Wednesday.

McConnell says Ryan's leadership was also vital in securing a big boost in defense spending and in enabling new treatments for rare diseases.

To me, the role of McCarthy and Scalise in leadership militates in favor of an alternative candidate.

Most people will understand that, we think.

"I made a decision to talk to the president than about the president", he said.

In my view, the selection of McCarthy or Scalise, or the failure to select a new leader in advance of the election, would signal the GOP's resignation to defeat. If we're anxious about what we might want to be eight months from now... we need to focus on getting our job done and keeping the majority.

When Ryan graduated high school in 1988, Halabi said he couldn't have predicted Ryan would be someone to put Janesville on the map.

" I'Id broken each record which any (home) speaker has had about equality", Ryan explained around the afternoon of his retirement announcement and a afternoon after Politico reported he had raised £11.1 million at the very first quarter of 2018, bringing his total to this past year's election cycle into £ 54 million.

Yet didn't present an alternative to Pfeiffer's claim; indeed, Ryan's call for Medicaid block grants would preserve the program for the needy while helping reduce healthcare inflation.

"Paul Ryan has been a passionate advocate for Wisconsin and a dedicated public servant for two decades". Now, all three of his children are teenagers. Then he immediately repeated talking points about his accomplishments as speaker and his desire to be more than "a weekend dad" to his children.

Speaker Paul Ryan will be stepping down.

In a statement on Ryan's decision to retire, Pelosi doesn't cite any specific issues she wants to tackle with the Republican she has opposed on almost every issue. It will be hard to rally the rank-and-file in this year's election around what looks like more of the same.

"Despite our differences, I commend his steadfast commitment to our country", she said in a statement. As the philosopher Edmund Burke wrote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". "Wisconsin voters know he's spent his time as Governor chasing national celebrity at the cost of Wisconsin's middle class families, and no level of blaring alarm bells can change that".

To be clear, the Republican Party faced internal fissures on health care that Ryan could not have resolved by himself.

There is a long list of Republicans who have already announced their own retirement, but Ryan's is the most shocking of all.

He has accomplished all that he could during his time as the Speaker. "He said Ryan is ready to devote more of his time to being a husband and a father".

"Speaker Paul Ryan's decision not to face Wisconsin voters this year is yet another major warning sign for Governor Scott Walker's campaign". Both men spoke at the private meeting Wednesday, delivering tributes to Ryan.

Two people with knowledge of Ryan's thinking said he has decided against seeking another term, but they did not say why. The political and moral damage the speaker and the rest of the GOP must suffer as they keep defending this president will be severe.

In 2012, he became GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's running mate.

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