Is Iran really as bad as Donald Trump says?

Is Iran really as bad as Donald Trump says?”

Peskov says that "it goes without saying that there will emerge a very serious situation" should America pull out of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

As such, France, Germany and Britain said they would still adhere to the agreement.

North Korea can and likely will use the White House's decision to rip-up the Iran nuclear deal as a reason to stand firm on certain aspects of a proposed denuclearization agreement during negotiations.

In addition to tearing up the deal, Trump announced a re-imposition - and strengthening - of sanctions against Iran. We don't do something just because the United States does it. It lifted certain sanctions on Iran, allowing it greater access to the world economy in exchange for the halting of its nuclear program and regular United Nations inspections.

But the North Koreans already have a nuclear weapon and Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps may be learning a different lesson: you have a better chance of dealing with the likes of Donald Trump if you already have a big stick.

In response, Rouhani warned Iran could resume uranium enrichment "without limit". Countries, not individuals within them, are expected to be true to their word.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear agreement.

Iran has indicated that it will work with the other signatories to maintain the JCPOA framework. The Europeans, along with Russian Federation and China, could offer new benefits to Iran to make up for what the USA has pulled off the table. The two countries have an extremely complex history that involved a CIA-orchestrated coup in the 1950s, a pro-American puppet monarch who was overthrown in 1979 via the Islamic revolution, and the infamous hostage crisis at the USA embassy in Tehran that followed the uprising.

Conservative lawmakers in parliament chanted "Death to America" and burned a paper USA flag during their session.

In this context, there is a massive distrust for Iran in the U.S. (and vice versa), and Washington has long feared what might happen if the Iranian regime developed a nuclear weapon.

"The goal is to prevent Iran from ever developing or acquiring a nuclear weapon and the detail beyond that is something we are going to have to flesh out", the official added. The agreement also has a sunset clause of 2025.

The hardcore Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which welcomed the billions that flowed into Iran when sanctions were lifted but has always been critical of limiting its nuclear ambitions, could even push for the full-blown, open pursuit of nuclear weapons.

After Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear pact, here is a look back at the "America First" president's signature foreign policy moves, largely characterised by a desire to break deals, not make them. Mattis has called the verification element of the Iran deal "robust" and has been opposed to actions that would undermine an existing treaty.

The country's leaders know full well that it will not work without the United States on board.

He said the US has "every confidence" that economic sanctions the USA plans to reimpose on Iran will force the Islamic Republic to restart negotiations over its nuclear program and other military issues. Accordingly, the president wants to negotiate a new deal with Tehran.

Minutes after Mr Trump's announcement on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani appeared on TV without his trademark smile, expressing his disappointment but also making it clear that Iran would abide by its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as the deal is formally known. Some will return within 90 days, while others will be reimposed within 180 days.

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