Fortnite's Thanos mode is nearly over, claim the gauntlet while you can

Fortnite's Thanos mode is nearly over, claim the gauntlet while you can”

As a consolation prize, the announcement post that Epic made on Reddit for the downtime has some tantalizing teasers: "A new week, a new patch! v4.2 is gliding in May 15, with downtime beginning at 4am ET (08:00 GMT)".

Now for the more hard challenges for Week 2 of Season 4.

Fortnite Dance in Front of Different Film Cameras map locations Mon, May 7, 2018 FORTNITE Season 4, week 2 challenges task players with dancing in front of different film cameras.

Deal damage with Pistols to opponents (5 Stars) - This one is nearly the same as the challenge of Week 2 in which you have to deal damage with suppressed guns.

Deal damage with Pistols to opponents.

Fans will need to search chests in Lonely Lodge, hunt for 10 Rubber Duckies across the map, and Follow a treasure map found in Salty Springs. Head over to Risky Reels to complete this challenge.

Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towards (HARD).

These are the seven challenges that have leaked for Week 3.

If you have been following our articles you will know that there is a big event happening right now in Fortnite, the super popular Battle Royale shooter.

Fortnite search between a scarecrow, pink hotrod and big screen guide Tue, May 8, 2018 Fortnite search between a scarecrow, pink hotrod and big screen is one of the season 4 week 2 challenges. The Battle Pass rewards the completion of Weekly Challenges with new unlocks like progressive outfits, sprays and exclusive cosmetics.

Watch a Match Replay (5 Stars) - This one appears to be one of the easiest for next week's challenges as players will probably just have to watch a match replay. What do you think about the leaked challenges? Are they easy enough to get done in a few days of grinding?

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