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Pregnant Cardi B Explains Why She Was Attacked At A Store

Pregnant Cardi B Explains Why She Was Attacked At A Store”

Banks accused Cardi of being illiterate and a "caricature" of a Black woman.

Rapper Cardi B deleted her Instagram over the weekend after responding to Azealia Banks" calling her an "illiterate rat' during an interview.

"Just because I mix a few words up, forget to use commas or misspell a few words doesn't make me illiterate and doesn't make me stupid. If Nicki Minaj spelled like that, we would be ragging on her all day".

A woman outside is clearly upset as she tries to fight her way into the store, and yells at the hip-hop star, "Come outside, you bitch!"

"I'm from the hood I speak how I speak I am how I am.I did not choose to be famous people chose me!" I did not choose to be famous - people choose me... "If I respectfully told you I don't want to take a picture your drunk ass shouldn't get close to me and disrespect my decision, space or privacy". She most certainly deserves a place on current music charts that make space for Lil' Pump, G-Eazy, Kodak Black, French Montana and the abominable, Post Malone.

She's assertively responding something inaudible to the individuals among the ruckus, as you can see from her tone and body language.

Next up, this video breaks down the lyrics to Childish Gambino's "This Is America". She added that she has "never dismissed my heritage or my culture".

In Chappelle's case, he sensed some of the public was laughing at him and not with him, so he dropped his show and (for a bit) his residency in the United States.

While Banks was doing that, Vermont Senator and leading 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was complimenting Cardi B for her insight on the need to strengthen Social Security in an interview with GQ, where she impressed with her knowledge of presidential history.

Banks is far from an empowering force for female artists.

Cardi then hit Banks where it hurt, saying she doesn't stay true to herself while referencing that Banks previously admitted to bleaching her skin.

In coming days, most of those facts will wash away the damning points Banks made about why the Patron Saint of Parrot Noises is on top.

Several security personnel are on the scene as well with two other men in plainclothes holding a woman back from entering the door that Cardi is arguing through.

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