Robeson County schools to close Wednesday for rally in Raleigh

Robeson County schools to close Wednesday for rally in Raleigh”

MS could be the next state to see teachers go on strike, according to analysis by the Brookings Institution.

North Carolina teachers join the thousands of educators across the US who have gone on strike this year, marching on Raleigh to demand higher wages and better funding for their classrooms Wednesday.

Teachers in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have all led demonstrations since the beginning of 2018. They are old veterans of North Carolina's wars over education funding. But the supporters of the rally point out that still represents a 9.4 percent slide in real income since 2009 due to inflation. We appreciate your understanding, as it is our goal to provide your child the best educational experience possible each and every day. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, and the historian Plutarch famously wrote, "If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined". Personal days and vacation days come with pay. "Yeah, we're still fighting for the same thing over and over again", she said.

In a message sent last week to Wake County school employees, the district said any employees who wanted to work Wednesday could do so.

Lee Irvin of Cary said he's sympathetic to the teachers' demands, if not their method, which is forcing the software engineer and his wife to work from home on Wednesday. Those districts are among at least 38 others in the state - including Pitt County Schools - that are closing.

"I support their cause". We asked if they were growing exhausted of all the protesting. But not during school hours.

Which school districts are canceling classes?

Parents like him also are given lists of classroom supplies they're expected to buy, which Irvin considers a hidden tax.

"What they've been doing to our public schools is not right", North Carolina Association of Educators President Mark Jewell told ABC11 WTVD.

"What if we correct Phil Berger?" it says about halfway through. But teachers say it's time the state increases per-pupil funding to the national average and raises teacher pay.

"An analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy finds North Carolina would have $3.5 billion more in annual revenue if lawmakers had not changed the tax system that was in place in 2013". The legislature also phased out the state's estate tax.

"There are many different needs in our state", Murphy said. He is among legislators that point out that nearly all of the additional $2 billion the state is spending this year compared to six years ago has gone into education, including public universities and community colleges. And planned raises for educators this year will make five in a row since state finances rebounded from the shock of a recession a few years ago, legislators said.

How bad is it in North Carolina?

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