European Union proposes ban on single-use plastics

European Union proposes ban on single-use plastics”

But the association of manufacturers, PlasticsEurope, said European leaders should focus on improving waste management instead.

"Europeans need to act together to tackle this problem", EU vice president Frans Timmermans told the Independent. For SUP items that don't have available replacements, various measures will reduce the waste and discourage inappropriate disposal, as well as ensuring that the costs of such wastes fall on the producers of the single-use plastic items, in line with the EU's strong "polluter pays" principle. France banned ultralight weight plastic baggage in 2015, and Italy did so in 2016. Single use plastics are not a smart economic or environmental choice, and today's proposals will help business and consumers to move towards sustainable alternatives. "We also target plastic fishing gear".

Across the world, plastics make up 85% of marine litter.

In addition, it is planned to limit the use of plastic packaging for food, which they sell at the takeaway eateries.

The Commission writes now that tackling the plastics problem is a must and can bring new opportunities for innovation, competitiveness and job creation.

The plastics proposal was widely embraced by conservation campaigners, though they challenged European leaders to go further.

According to the Commission, the rules target 10 single-use plastic products, which together account for 70 per cent of the plastic waste found along European beaches and in its seas. Gove's idea is to ban plastic straws and cotton swabs.

The European Commission's ban would apply to bags; balloons and balloon sticks; chips and candy wrappers; cigarette butts; cotton buds; cups and lids; cutlery, straws, and stirrers; drink bottles; food containers; and sanitary applications.

Collection targets: European Union countries will be obliged to collect 90 per cent of single-use plastic drinks bottles by 2025, for example through deposit refund schemes.

The Commission also said it would force producers to assist on covering the costs of waste management and clean-up, as well as awareness-raising measures for food containers, packets, and crisps packets and candies, drink containers and cups, cigarette butts, wet wipes, sanitary pads, balloons, and lightweight plastic bags.

Each country will also have to embark on an education campaign in which food producers are required to label products clearly and inform consumers how plastic waste is disposed.

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