Florida Stopped Gun Permit Checks for More Than a Year

Florida Stopped Gun Permit Checks for More Than a Year”

Wilde didn't follow up with the agency, however, and the agency apparently never followed up with her either-allowing the problem to continue for months thereafter. "I should have been doing it and I didn't", she said. "The next 12 months broke a record, 245,000 applications, which was topped again in 2017 when the department received 275,000 applications".

The state of Florida gave out concealed weapons licenses to almost 300 people who never should've gotten them.

But, the Department claimed that it had properly handled their employee's malfeasance upon learning of his failure.

It was the responsibility of this employee to review the 365 applications that did not pass the NICS system and the Inspector General's investigation determined she failed to do her job.

The Times interviewed the employee, Lisa Wilde, who told them she was working in the mailroom when she was given oversight of the database in 2013. Putnam, who has called himself a "proud NRA sellout" in the past, has listed his expansion of concealed carry permits in Florida as an accomplishment during his run for governor.

Florida got the NICS system back online in March of 2017 after a worker discovered that no one had bothered to log in, or complain about being unable to log in, for more than a year while numerous applications were approved without the legally-required background check.

A concealed weapon license does not authorize the purchase of a firearm.

"There are now 1.8 million active hide weapon license holders in Florida, No. 1 in the nation, up from 800,000 before I came in (to the Agriculture Department)", he boasted. Putnam has raised the ire of gun control advocates for his proclamation a year ago that he was a "proud NRA sellout" who supports the National Rifle Association. "There likely were many people whose lives were affected by this negligence".

During that time, which coincided with the June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse nightclub that left 50 dead, the state saw an unprecedented spike in applications for concealed weapons permits.

Announcing his gubernatorial bid in January, Putnam said that he made Florida "No 1 for law abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights".

When the department completed the full background checks with information from the NICS system on the 365 applications she failed to review, 291 licenses were ultimately revoked.

The commissioner pointed out, having a concealed carry permit in the state of Florida does not mean an individual can buy a gun.

While the Office of Inspector General's investigation was ongoing, the department adopted safeguards into the application review process to ensure this never happens again. While 54,045 new applications were filed in June and July a year before the massacre, that number rose by almost 24,000 for the same two months in 2016.

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