Norman is a psychopathic AI obsessed with murder, thanks to Reddit

Norman is a psychopathic AI obsessed with murder, thanks to Reddit”

Nope - Norman is a "psychopath AI", created by researchers at the MIT Media Lab as a "case study on the dangers of artificial intelligence gone wrong when biased data is used in machine learning algorithms". All the image data MIT fed Norman came from what it calls "an infamous subreddit" that the researchers refuse to name specifically due to its graphic content.

So now they have a psycho that does image captioning; a popular deep learning method of generating a textual description of an image. Their newest artificial intelligence creation, named Norman, has been deliberately from "the darkest corners of Reddit", and now all it thinks about is murder.

As a result, Norman got a whole different view of everything compared to a regular AI that learned from other sources.

Where the usual neural networks see birds on a tree branch, Norman sees a man being electrocuted to death.

The scientists tested Norman to see how it would respond to inkblot tests- the ambiguous ink pictures psychologists sometimes use to help determine personality characteristics or emotional functioning.

As part of the experiment, they have set up an online version of the Rorschach test to see whether the general public's opinions can retrain Norman. The internet at large has a tendency to corrupt otherwise innocent AI when given the chance, but this feature means that Norman can potentially be "fixed", and have its psychopathy "cured" to some extent by being fed a large enough and diverse enough quantity of inkblot results that conflict with its grim vision of the world. An algorithm itself is not unfair, biased, or negative, it's all about the information it absorbs. When an AI algorithm is trained as Norman was, it sees what MIT says are "sick" things in an image.

Norman's interpretations are obviously darker and they all involve people being killed, while the standard AI sees mundane things such as birds, flower vases, people, umbrellas, and so on.

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