RemoveDebris Set to Demonstrate Technology to Tackle Space Junk

RemoveDebris Set to Demonstrate Technology to Tackle Space Junk”

Astronauts at the space station sent the 100-kilogram (220 lbs.) RemoveDebris spacecraft off for its pioneering mission using Canadarm2, the 17.6-meter-long (57.7 feet) robotic arm used for servicing and capturing cargo ships. The mission was envisioned and put together by scientists and engineers at the University of Surrey which confirmed that they have contact with the spacecraft about two hours after deployment. This declaration comes forward from the desk of British Space Agency on June 22, 2018.

The project is led by the University of Surrey, built by the world's leading small satellite manufacturer Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), and has technology on board designed by Airbus.

"We will need three to four weeks for each experiment", he said. The amount of debris has got so high that it has now formed a compact layer around our planet, threatening satellites and other spacecrafts.

At the moment, the space junk satellite only runs as an experiment.

What experiments will be conducted?

The payload also includes camera and LIDAR systems to assist in the satellite navigation.

"The mission timelines will see the net deployed in October this year, followed by the VBN test in late December and then the harpoon in February 2019". RemoveDebris will fire a pen-size harpoon into a panel that will deploy from the main spacecraft attached to a boom.

That drag sail is especially important - it's the final tool that RemoveDEBRIS will use since it will allow the satellite to fall back to Earth, but it will also be important for showing how a satellite can be safely deorbited so it won't add to the clutter.

"The sail produces a significant amount of drag so that the spacecraft slows down and its orbit decays much faster than it would without the sail", said Aglietti.

International Space Station is out with its first-ever satellite for cleaning space junk.

Aglietti said he expects the space industry to closely watch the experiments. It will heat up the space debris with a beam, vaporize it and finally evaporate it. Even if everyone complied with the regulations, it still wouldn't be enough, experts say. For us, whatever happens during the mission will be a learning experience. As it falls out of orbit, both the craft and its captured space waste will burn up in the atmosphere. RemoveDebris, will attempt to address the build-up of unsafe space debris orbiting Earth. A corresponding report was submitted to the Russian Academy of Sciences by a research team of the Scientific and Industrial Corporation Precision Instrument Systems, which is a sub-division of Russian space agency Roscosmos. "If successful, the technologies found in RemoveDEBRIS could be included in other missions in the very near future".

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