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Walgreens pharmacist refuses to fill woman’s prescription to induce a miscarriage

Walgreens pharmacist refuses to fill woman’s prescription to induce a miscarriage”

An Arizona mom was "humiliated" by a Walgreens pharmacist who refused to fill her prescription for an abortion drug because it went against his "ethical beliefs".

Hreniuc told the 35-year-old mother she had two options: Come back to the pharmacy when he was not working or allow him to send the prescription to another Walgreens nearby, Arteaga said.

Mone said she left the store "in tears" and felt ashamed and humiliated by the pharmacist. But doctors last week said her baby had stopped developing and she would ultimately miscarry, so the pregnancy needed to be terminated which could be done through prescription medication.

It is not only terrible that the Walgreens policy allows the humiliation of women like Arteaga, but the pharmacist's position is extremely troubling to me-as a professional, shouldn't his concern have been with her wellbeing? She says the pharmacist refused to fill the prescription with other customers within earshot and she left the location in tears with her 7-year-old child by her side.

The pharmacist, Brian H., did indeed transfer Mone's prescription to another Walgreens across town and she was eventually able to pick it up without a problem. One person left the Peoria store a one-star review on Yelp, writing that "the fact that Walgreens would employ someone like this that can not put their beliefs aside for the HEALTHCARE of another human being is deplorable". As Jezebel points out, the company tweeted that its employees are allowed to opt out of filling prescriptions, but must refer them to another pharmacist or manager-something that didn't happen in Arteaga's case.

It said it had "reached out to the patient and apologised for how the situation was handled".

"I get it we all have our beliefs", she wrote. "This is something I have zero control over", Mone wrote in a Facebook post after her experience at a Walgreens in Peoria.

Nicole Arteaga recently found out that her pregnancy was going to result in a miscarriage.

Employees are required to refer the prescription to another pharmacist or manager to ensure the needs of the patient are met "in a timely manner". "I applaud this pharmacist and am glad Walgreens protects his conscience rights and wish more pharmacists would have the courage to stand for their convictions, especially if a life is at risk". "What I have inside of me is an undeveloped baby", she remembers telling the pharmacist, to no avail.

"What he failed to understand is this isn't the situation I had hoped for, this isn't something I wanted", Arteaga wrote in her post.

Once the investigation is presented to the board, it can determine whether to dismiss the complaint or take further action. "I couldn't control what my body was doing, and now here I am trying to make this decision of what I'm going to do, and this person was taking that away from me, and making that choice for me". "Thank you to those who have shown love and support", she said.

Kelli Garcia, director of reproductive justice initiatives and senior counsel at the National Women's Law Center, told BuzzFeed News that Arizona is one of six USA states where pharmacists can refuse to serve customers on religious or ethical grounds.

Arizona is one of six states that allows pharmacists to legally decline to sell emergency contraceptives, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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