The Xbox One July Update Is Out

The Xbox One July Update Is Out”

Why it matters: Digital game downloads are convenient, but they aren't flawless.

Microsoft just flipped the switch to send the Xbox One July Update to customers.

According to Microsoft, games that utilize the feature will half the amount of time it takes from when a download begins to the moment you're actually able to play it. FastStart now applies to all English-language games in the Xbox Game Pass, including Fallout 4, Sea of Thieves, Elder Scrolls Online, and more.

Xbox's July update improvements Mixer broadcasting too, with improvements to Mixer's Share Controller feature and support for full mouse and keyboard for PC users. It does this by identifying and prioritising the files that are needed to get stuck into a game sharpish, ensuring they are downloaded first. Users can also tinker with them in a number of ways, including adding custom names to each Group and adding individual Groups to Home. You can now press the Y button anywhere on the dashboard to bring up the search box and look for Settings, Games, or products in the store.

Today we're having a peek at the insides of the July Xbox Update, and what it means to partake in its greatness.

Meanwhile, the integration of stream-based gameplay - in which Twitch participants can activate certain environmental hazards and events during matches - is a novelty that's yet to show its true potential, but hopefully this transition to Xbox One can start to fix that complaint.

In addition, Microsoft has enabled multi-touch support for touch-ready devices, which opens the gates for multiple controls to be used at the same time.

It's also possible that if your connection slows down while FastStart is still downloading a game in the background, you'll need to wait for the download speed to pick back up before you can continue playing.

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