Google Duplex could eventually make its way into call centers

Google Duplex could eventually make its way into call centers”

Google both impressed and creeped out a lot of people out there when it showed off Duplex AI back in May.

When Google introduced Google Duplex, its AI assistant created to speak like a human, the company showed off how the average person could use the tech to save time making reservations and whatnot. The technology is an expansion of its Google Assistant AI that is meant to sound much more human.

Duplex would handle simple calls for the insurance company, and if the customer started asking complex questions the bot can't handle a human would step in, according to the report.

A report from The Information reveals that third-parties are in the "very early stages of testing Google's technology for use in other applications".

If Google was looking to bring Duplex into call centres, it wouldn't be the first tech giant to consider rolling its AI into the telemarketing industry.

We're now focused on consumer use cases for the Duplex technology and we aren't testing Duplex with any enterprise clients.

Of course, as the market expands, so will the competition, and Google isn't the only major tech firm that sees opportunity in entering call centres.

Google has issued a statement that says Duplex AI is completely focused on consumer uses right now and it has no enterprise deployment testing underway.

Anyone who has had to reach out to a call center for assistance on an account or with a device knows that many of them are outside of the USA and the operators can sometimes be hard to understand. This move seems quite similar to what Amazon is doing by selling the technology behind Alexa to call centers.

The Information report later adds that the insurance company slowed work on the project due to ethical concerns. Which is why the tech giant thinks its Duplex AI - which sounds so human and can imitate the quirks of human speech so well that it's nearly creepy - would be a ideal addition to call centers. The primary critique is that even in a call center setting customers would be unaware they are talking to a machine and feel subsequently deceived.

Meanwhile, the day appears to be coming soon when you pick up the phone to make that dreaded customer service call, only to be met not by a harried hourly worker but by a silky-voiced computer system on the other end that doesn't get ruffled, is abundantly helpful and quickly gets you whatever you need.

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