Donald Trump blames United States 'witch-hunt' for poor Putin relations

Donald Trump blames United States 'witch-hunt' for poor Putin relations”

Ahead of Monday's meeting, Trump criticised previous United States governments on Twitter, saying: "Our relationship with Russian Federation has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of USA foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!"

"We have not been getting along well for the last number of years", Trump said as he and Putin sat down at the Presidential Palace in Finland's capital. Trump departed for Helsinki on Sunday evening after spending the day playing golf at his private club in Scotland. "I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade", he said.

Trump also listed Russian Federation as a "foe in certain respects" and China as "a foe economically". "It means that they are competitive".

The Tumps met with Finnish president Sauli Niinisto and his wife, Jenni Haukio, on Monday morning.

I frankly don't expect - I go in with very low expectations.

"We have asked and the Russians have agreed that it will be basically unstructured", national security adviser John Bolton said yesterday on ABC's "This Week".

Both presidents are scheduled to meet during the Russia-U.S. summit in Helsinki on Monday.

Somebody said are you friends or enemies? I think that getting along with Russian Federation is a good thing.

"The world wants to see us getting along, we are the two great nuclear powers, we have 90 per cent of the nuclear (weapons), that's not a good thing it's a bad thing".

Wearing a blue suit, white shirt and red tie, the USA president congratulated Putin on Russia's hosting of the World Cup, "one of the best ever, from what everybody tells me", adding that he had watched the semi-finals and final and it was "beautifully done".

"Unfortunately, no matter how well I do at the Summit, if I was given the great city of Moscow as retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by Russian Federation over the years, I would return to criticism that it wasn't good enough - that I should have gotten Saint Petersburg in addition!"

"If I was given the great city of Moscow as retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by Russian Federation over the years, I would return to criticism that it wasn't good enough - that I should have gotten Saint Petersburg in addition!" he tweeted.

Mr. Warner and other Democratic senators recently wrote to Mr. Trump saying he should cancel the meeting "if you are not prepared to make Russia's attack on our election the top issue you will discuss". More importantly, Trump is in the early stages of forming a relationship with Putin that could be essential - not just for fixing the problems left by the Obama administration, but in addressing the next major policy crisis. Their first meeting came last July when both took part in an global summit and continued for more than two hours, well over the scheduled 30 minutes.

The summit started late because Putin arrived in Helsinki about a half hour behind schedule in another display of the Russian's leader famous lack of punctuality.

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