Praise for Putin, pity for Trump

Praise for Putin, pity for Trump”

All the while, Trump praised his electoral success and again denied any collusion with Russia, something Putin was happy to agree with, though the Russian leader did admit to a preference for Trump, who campaigned for better ties with Moscow. President Putin also made a call for cooperation saying the cold war ended a long time ago and repeated the call for cooperation.

Trump's performance at a joint news conference with Putin in Helsinki stirred a wave of condemnation in the United States, including criticism from within his own Republican Party.

If the military were to stage a coup against Trump, there is no doubt that the leadership of the Democratic Party would fall into line behind an American junta. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake. He referred to the European Union as a "foe" in trade and repeatedly criticised it.

"Yeah, we all were", Kimmel said. The only points of disagreement came when Putin gently chided Trump for withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and when the Russian leader, not Trump himself, explained the U.S. position on Russia's annexation of Crimea.

"President Trump has just mentioned that we've successfully concluded the football World Cup".

Dismissing the claims as "sheer nonsense", Mr Putin said he had not been aware of Mr Trump's visit to Moscow a few years before his 2016 election.

"I will say this, I don't see any reason why it would be [Russia]", he replied, before quickly trying to defer to the Democratic National Committee's server that was hacked. This time, the presidents were with their teams for an expanded meeting over a meal (it was originally billed as lunch, but by this point with all the delays in the schedule, it was 4:30 in the afternoon).

Behind the scenes, sections of the active-duty military, CIA spooks and former heads of major USA intelligence agencies are in discussions about what is to be done with Donald Trump. Ike refused, and Khrushchev exploded.

We are past the point when such statements can be dismissed as naivete - especially when Trump has previously admitted that Russian Federation did hack the election.

With U.S. -Russia tensions exceptionally high, the Kremlin set low expectations for the summit.

Was it the USA invasion of Iraq to strip Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction he did not have that plunged us into endless wars of the Middle East?

In a new departure, Putin waded directly into that USA domestic debate.

Was it George W. Bush's abrogation of Richard Nixon's ABM treaty and drive for a missile defense that caused Putin to break out of the Reagan INF treaty and start deploying cruise missiles to counter it?

"I think that's an incredible offer".

Many Putin actions we condemn were reactions to what we did. "The joining of Crimea to Russian Federation is not an annexation".

How was that more moral than what Putin did in Crimea? After making statements and ignoring shouted questions about election meddling, Trump and Putin shook hands, and with that, the press pool was ushered out.

As the newspaper notes in its press release, both Trump and Putin have had "contentious" relationships with the media. He is wholly in the pocket of Putin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today (10 April) that plans for a controversial second underwater pipeline to bring gas from Russian Federation could not go forward without Ukrainian involvement in overland transit.

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