Adidas Runs From "Virgin" Polyester

Adidas Runs From

With that in mind, Adidas shirts, shorts, leggings, shoes and more would be entirely recycled by 2024. The company has announced plans to eliminate the use of new plastic, also known as virgin plastic, and the transition is set to begin this year.

The company also reportedly said its spring and summer apparel lines for next year will contain almost 41 percent recycled polyester. Adidas said its ban would include ending its use of plastics in its operational dealings, eliminating first use "virgin" plastic in its offices, outlet stores, warehouses, and distribution centers.

The sportswear giant Adidas has been trying to cut down on its use of new plastic over the last few years-it has stopped providing plastic shopping bags in its stores, and started using recycled ocean plastic debris as a material in certain shoes and other products. Roughly half of the material used in Adidas products is polyester, Liedtke explains, which means the switch can not be made instantaneously. The material is cheap and versatile, but governments and consumers are increasingly aware of its huge environmental costs. "With those kind of volumes, we can not make the transition overnight".

Dozens of companies including McDonald's and Starbucks have pledged to decrease their plastic use. The shoes are made from plastic that would otherwise wind up in the oceans. Some reports have said there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Globally, 14 percent of plastic is recycled compared to over 50 percent of paper and around 90 percent of iron and steel. In the last half-century, plastic pollution has increased more than 20-fold across the globe; that number is expected to double by 2040.

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