Iran Responds to Trump’s Tweet: ‘Be Cautious!’

Iran Responds to Trump’s Tweet: ‘Be Cautious!’”

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted on Monday-without mentioning the United States or Trump by name-that Iran was "UNIMPRESSED" by the "bluster".

If there is one thing we can be sure of about Donald Trump's affection for Twitter diplomacy, it's that it generates considerably more heat than light.

And it is the Trump administration that has repudiated the Iran nuclear accord and is now waging all-out economic war on Iran, although the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly found Tehran in full compliance with the 2015 nuclear accord.

Zarif's online comments are the latest in the escalating war of words between Washington and Tehran.

"Sadly, after pulling us out of the nuclear deal with Europe and Iran, there doesn't seem to be strategy for how to move forward to fight Iran's activities", she said.

"Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate", Trump said in a 2011 video blog.

Trump was responding to Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, who had threatened the "mother of all wars" if there is no peace. "If America wants to take a serious step in this direction it will definitely be met with a reaction and equal countermeasures from Iran", he said. The next day, he said Iran was "playing with fire".

Iran has faced increased US pressure and possible sanctions since May.

Trump openly attacked the arrangement and swept it away despite warnings from France, China, Russia and Germany. To distract from the Helsinki disaster, he has launched a childish all-caps Twitter tirade against Iran. As the USA leader reveled in a celebratory media tour, allies denied they had given Trump anything of substance.

Trump's Iran tweet resembled ones he issued past year to warn North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.

In the case of North Korea, she notes, the crisis was declared over despite any nuclear weapons being dismantled.

"I would like to praise the strong stance expressed yesterday by President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo against the Iranian regime's aggression", he said.

POTUS' tweet was penned in response to Rouhani's address to Iranian diplomats on Sunday.

Wazne said Iran could well go to war to protect its oil exports, the foundation of its economy. "And Iranians have heard them -albeit more civilized ones-for 40 yrs". Rouhani also suggested Iran could immediately ramp up its production of uranium in response to USA pressure. The dollar was being offered for as much as 92,000 rials, compared with about 75,000 last week.

There is little interest among United States lawmakers for a conflict with Iran. It could also distract from other USA national security priorities, including Russian Federation and North Korea.

"If nothing else, Trump's ALL CAPS tirade reflect (s) reality that U.S. has no Iran policy".

National security adviser John Bolton says Iran would "pay a price" if it continues to act negatively towards the U.S.

"We haven't adjusted our force posture in response to any of those statements". "But I think he's very clear about what he's not going to allow to take place".

John Rood, the Pentagon's undersecretary of defense for policy, told CNN's Barbara Starr at the Aspen Security Conference in Aspen, Colorado, on Friday that the USA hadn't adjusted its military posture in response to threats from Iran.

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