Change it! New Zealand accuses Australia of stealing its flag design

Change it! New Zealand accuses Australia of stealing its flag design”

"They (Australia) should actually change their flag and honor the fact that we got there first with this design", added Peters, who is filling in for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern while she is on maternity leave.

Speaking on TVNZ, Peters went on the offensive, claiming that Australia flagrantly copied New Zealand's flag, and for that reason and that reason alone the entire sovereign nation should be forced to change it up.

"If anything it can be argued that the idea of the Southern Cross on a flag came from Australia", said Malcolm Mulholland, a historian at the New Zealand college Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi.

Non-citizens can fail the test if they have a criminal record that is substantial, for sexual abuse involving a child, have been a member of a criminal gang, involved in people smuggling, or if their conduct "shows that [they] are not of good character".

The resemblance between the two countries' flags is undeniable: both feature a Union Jack on the left and stars representing the southern cross constellation on the right, set against a dark blue background.

The New Zealand flag was adopted by the country on March 24, 1902.

That was an awkward discovery for then-Prime Minister John Key, who had pumped the time and money into a design competition for a new flag and a referendum on choosing one.

The only discernable difference is that New Zealand's stars are red and feature five points, while Australia's stars are white, more plentiful and are mostly seven-pointed.

"We had a flag, which has always been copied by Australia, they have to change their flag and to recognize the fact that we are the first to have adopted such a design", said Peters.

He said: "They never raised with me changing the Australian flag".

The flag of Australia.

At one point, everywhere from Burma to the British mandate of Palestine featured some variant of the flag, albeit with local symbols in place of the Southern Cross.

The Canadian Red Ensign, supplanted by the maple leaf in 1965.

Peters received his wish for New Zealand to keep its flag: the country's flag referendums in 2015 and 2016 resulted in the retention of its existing flag.

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