Virginia's Annual Sales Tax Holiday Weekend is August 3-5

Virginia's Annual Sales Tax Holiday Weekend is August 3-5”

Wisconsin's first ever Sales Tax Holiday starts Wednesday (August 1 - August 5) and there's a list of items you can buy sales tax free.

Yes, provided the item sold is one qualifying for the exemption and the sale occurs during the three days of the "sales tax holiday" as discussed in Question #3.

Pinson said this weekend is good exposure for OH - a lot of surrounding states participate in the tax free holiday.

Many items have been selling out, but Target Executive Team Leader Era Parrish says school supplies in particular has had the most sales. "The annual sales tax holiday is an opportunity for residents to make tax-free emergency preparedness purchases that prepare Virginians for disasters and assists them with recovery".

Harris' bill eventually failed, creating the need for a third Special Session.

"It's kind of confusing", said Hollenbeck, "because certain categories can have items that are tax free, and those that aren't". The policy is expected to cost the state almost $15 million in lost revenue. On the other hand, it would have saved consumers the same amount.

English also explained that by shopping local the sales bump up sales tax, which brings in even more businesses to the area.

The weekend begins on Friday and goes through Sunday.

For five days Wisconsin is eliminating its sales tax on select items and stores are preparing to be busy.

"I wasn't aware that the sales tax holidays had been removed, but it wouldn't have changed the way I voted", he said.

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