Galaxy Note 9 launch video leaks online

Galaxy Note 9 launch video leaks online”

The South Korean giant has remained tight-lipped about the specifications of the device and generally has refused to acknowledge any rumours, but their latest mistake all but confirms the design of the smartphone.

This is the first time we've heard about the 512GB version of the phone and it clearly states you'll be able to put a top size microSD card into it to up the storage to 1TB.

Samsung has accidentally leaked the video of its flagship phone Galaxy Note 9. It is expected that the default model Galaxy Note 9 has 512 GB storage and 8GB or RAM.

The video also shows aspects we've seen in photos, including the S-Pen, headphone jack, and the back with its dual cameras and fingerprint sensor.

What do you think about how the Note 9 is shaping up?

Samsung had also posted a teaser of the Note 9 which shows that the new device will be a lot more powerful. While we don't know pricing, Samsung itself said the price will be "reasonable," though without naming names.

The Samsung video starts off by touting the power of the Galaxy Note 9.

Further, in the Galaxy Note 9 video, Samsung showcases a Yellow-coloured S Pen.

It also talks of an all-day battery life, and it has been rumoured that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with a 4000 mAh battery, compared to the 3300 mAh one on the previous variant. This 30-second promo video is embedded down below, for your convenience. The reason: This is an official launch video of the Galaxy Note 9, which is now already available on the internet.

The pre-order poster has been leaked from Indonesia and the prices mentioned are of two variants; the base model and the up-specced variant.

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