Malaysia civil aviation chief resigns over MH370 lapses

Malaysia civil aviation chief resigns over MH370 lapses”

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said that he accepted the report's findings that air traffic control failed to comply with standard procedures, but maintained that it was not to blame for the disappearance of the aircraft.

MH370 vanished on March 8, 2014, en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board.

KUALA LUMPUR -The head of Malaysia's civil aviation regulator resigned on Tuesday after an official report found failings in air traffic control when Flight MH370 disappeared.

"Therefore, it is with regret and after much thought and contemplation that I have made a decision to resign as chairman of Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia", he said in his statement, adding he has presented his resignation and will step down in two weeks. This included seven "manually programmed waypoint coordinates" that when linked could fly from the Kuala Lumpur airport to the southern Indian Ocean, but police could not determine if the coordinates were found in a single file or from different files, he said.

The subsequent hunt formed one of the largest surface and underwater searches in aviation history.

In his statement, Rahman writes, "Over the past four years, I have tried my level best to assist in the search for MH370 and I am ever resolute in finding answers we all seek towards this unfortunate tragedy as we owe it to the families and loved ones".

According to the report, "there were uncertainties on the position" of MH370 by both Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh air traffic control, pointing to irregularities between both sets of area centre controllers. Significant parts of the aircraft's power system, including the autopilot function, were probably working throughout the flight, the report said.

Reacting to the report, Grace Nathan, a lawyer whose mother, Anne Daisy, was on the plane, said that she hopes "that these mistakes will not be repeated and that measures are put in place to prevent them", Channel News Asia reported.

Although the underwater search turned up nothing, small pieces of debris from the plane were washed up on islands in the Indian Ocean and on the African coast.

Meanwhile, Intan Mazurka Othman, whose husband was a steward on the jet, said she is frustrated that there is "nothing new in the report". There's nothing to suggest the plane was evading radar, or evidence of behavioral changes in the crew, it said. Extensive sonar searches of remote waters off Australia's west coast failed to locate the wreckage.

And a second, private search by U.S. company Ocean Infinity that finished at the end of May also found no sign of a possible crash site.

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