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There is 'no safe level of alcohol,' says huge new global study

There is 'no safe level of alcohol,' says huge new global study”

In conclusion the study, which was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, says the safest level of drinking is none at all. In April of this year, a meta-study severely lowered the risk threshold of alcohol consumption from 100 grams of pure alcohol (about what you'd find in one serving of beer or wine) per day, to only one per week.

Alcohol can negatively impact the body's organs, lead to injuries and cause alcohol poisoning, the study found.

The study's authors indicate that the links between alcohol and cancer, injuries, and other diseases far outweigh any positive benefits associated with reducing heart disease or other ailments.

"Previous studies have found a protective effect of alcohol on some conditions, but we found that the combined health risks associated with alcohol increase with any amount of alcohol", lead author Max Griswold said.

Researchers used 694 studies to estimate worldwide drinking patterns and used 592 studies plus 28 million people to learn about alcohol's health risks between 1990 and 2016 in 195 countries.

The study showed about 1 in 3 people drink alcohol; men consuming 1.7 drinks each day and women an average of 0.73 drinks per day. "Zero alcohol consumption minimises the overall risk of health loss", Gakidou said.

Alcohol consumption ranked as the seventh-leading risk factor for premature death and holistic disabilities across the world in 2016.

They found no evidence that light drinking might help keep people healthy and said there is no evidence that drinking any alcohol at all improves health. For those over 50, cancer was the leading cause of alcohol-related deaths, responsible for approximately 27 percent of all female deaths and 19 percent of deaths in men. An extra four people would be affected if those non-drinkers had one drink per day. Even the occasional drink is harmful to health, according to the largest and most detailed research carried out on the effects of alcohol, which suggests governments should think of advising people to abstain completely. According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol, though not totally risk-free, can reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and having a strike.

Before the Lancet study, drinking alcohol was touted as a route to better health.

But researchers from the new study said those studies had limitations. "Some studies also overlook illicit trade and home brewing", CBS News reported.

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